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Kudryavtsev Lev

Kudryavtsev Lev, Russia

Кудрявцев Лев Дмитриевич

Lev Kudryavtsev is a Doctor of Science in mathematics and physics and a Corresponding Member of Russian Academy of Sciences. For many years he works at  Steklov Mathematical Institute (now he is an advisor to  Russian Academy of Sciences) and in Moscow Physico-Technical Institute (where he was one of the founders of the Mathematics Department).   Lev Kudryavtsev has fundamental achievements in the embedding theory of function spaces and its applications to variational problems, arising in mathematical physics. More recently  he worked on  a new direction - the initial value problems for the ordinary differential equations with asymptotic data at singular points - and developed  the basics of this new theory.

Prof. L.D.Kudryavtsev is an author of more than 200 scientific works, including monographs, manuals and papers in mathematical journals. Among them there are also popular philosophical tracts, such as  "Thoughts on Contemporary Mathematics", "Education and Morality", "Modern Society and Morality", "Secondary Education. Problems. Meditations". His books were translated in Bulgaria, Tchechoslovakia, Germany, United Kingdom, Poland, USA.

 Prof. Kudryavtsev has devoted to the pedagogical and organizational sceintific work. For 57 years he has worked in Moscow Physico-Technical Institute, 35 of them he was the head of the Department of  Mathematics. The principles of mathematical education, elaborated by him in MPTI, had a considerable impact on the whole system of teaching mathematics in our universities.

 Armen Sergeev

Deputy Director

Steklov  Mathematical Institute