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Preliminary Programme

Title of the conference: "Science & Technology for the better future of humankind"

Date: 2 days, Thursday and Friday, October 26th and 27th, 2017

Venue: Academy of Sciences , Lisbon

Organizing Committee: R. Martins, Chairman, A. Tressaud, co-Chairman, Members: H. de Rode, E. Fortunato, , J. Rocha, X.X, Academy of Sciences Lisbon, Y.Y, Academy of Engineering, Lisbon... Contacts: Carla, Ludivine, Sergio

  • - 4 half-day sessions, from 8:30 to 18:00, including 6 or 7 topics scheduled in such a way that inter-correlations could be drawn, during Round Tables/Discussions animated by a moderator.
  • - Length of each presentation: 30min (including possible discussion).
  • - Two prospective conferences that should be given by experienced/renowned scientists.
  • - A session will be devoted to the presentation of medals, followed by a speech of each awardee.
  • - The Conference will be ended by a session devoted to the 10th anniversary of ERC: a combination of short presentations (20min) by young ERC fellows and a couple of presentations by experienced fellows (contact with R. Chang)

  • - Eco-efficient transport and modern energy solutions
  • - Sustainable management of natural resources
  • - Health and new technologies in life sciences
  • - Potential and challenges of Internet
  • - Robot ethics
  • - Science policy, communication, and global networking (Cultural education in sciences)
  • - How to reduce inequalities
  • - A title should be found for the Young ERC Scientists Session

Speakers: The speakers have not been selected, but some names have been quoted: G. de Carvalho, Quintanilla, George Whitesides (Harvard), S. Wagner, 2 or 3 Eurasc members to be contacted, etc.

Registration fees: 40€ for EURASC members (which include documents, 2 lunches, coffee breaks); 80€ for EURASC non-members (which include documents, 2 lunches, coffee breaks). The price (additional) of the Banquet should be precised. Coffee breaks taken on the terrace and lunches in the historical cloister. The registration fees and travel expenses of the speakers will be waived.

Preparation meeting for EURASC 2017, Lisbon, March 15th

Lisbon March 2017 Lisbon March 2017