European Academy of Sciences (EURASC) : Mission

EURASC carries an important mission to promote excellence in science and technology and their essential roles in fostering social and economic development and progress. The official name of the institution is European Academy of Sciences (Académie Européenne des Sciences). It is registered and operates under rules and regulations of the Kingdom of Belgium (law 27.06.1921 ultimately revised in 2003). The European Academy of Sciences was recognized by Royal Decree of December 17, 2003, issued by Albert II, the King of Belgium.

Blaise Pascal Medals 2016

Professor Gianfranco Pacchioni has been awarded the Blaise Pascal Medal in Chemistry for his outstanding and lasting contributions to the theoretical understanding of oxide surfaces and thin films .... more

Professor Ni-Bin Chang has been awarded the Blaise Pascal Medal in Earth and Environmental Sciences forhis outstanding contributions to Environmental Sustainability, Green Engineering, and Systems Analysis .... more

Professor Elvira Fortunato has been awarded the Blaise Pascal Medal in Materials Science for the outstanding originality and creativity of her research in Physics and Materials Science... more

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Symposium and Ceremony of Awards 2015 - Le Quartz - Brest (France)

The annual Symposium "The Future of Sciences in the 21st Century : climate change : impacts on oceans, food production, health and the economy", and the Ceremony of Awards of the European Academy of Sciences took place in Brest (France), on October 27th and 28th. For any further information and pictures, follow this page.

From left to right : Prof. Claude Debru, President; Prof. Corinne Le Quere, BPM in Earth Sciences; Prof. Luis Vega, BPM in Mathematics; Prof. Martin Carrier, BPM in Social Sciences and Humanities; Prof. Ulrike Diebold, BPM in Materials Science; Prof. Christos Zerefos, BPM in Earth Sciences; Prof. Hélène de Rode, Perpetual Secretary; Prof. Manuel Garcia Velarde, BPM in Physics; Prof. Alain Tressaud, Vice-President; Prof. Emmanouil Floratos, Executive; (Prof. Herbert Roesky , BPM inChemistry, was unable to stay, and Prof. Jean Jouzel, LDV, was unable to stay for the Ceremony of Awards and presented his lecture the previous day; )

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Leonardo da Vinci Award 2015

Professor Jean Jouzel has been awarded the Leonardo da Vinci Award for his outstanding lifelong achievement on isotopic chemistry and climate sciences.... more

Blaise Pascal Medals 2015

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New Members

  1. August 2016, Prof. Anders Hagfeldt, Professor at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) (Switzerland), was elected as Fellow of the European Academy of Sciences ...more
  2. August 2016, Prof. Cedric Villani, Professor at the University of Lyon (France), was elected as Honorary Member of the European Academy of Sciences ...more
  3. July 2016, Prof. Angelos Michaelides, Professor at the London Centre for Nanotechnology, UCL (United Kingdom), was elected as Fellow of the European Academy of Sciences ...more
  4. July 2016, Prof. Juan Barcelo, Professor at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (Spain), was elected as Fellow of the European Academy of Sciences ...more
  5. July 2016, Prof. Barbara Wohlmuth, Professor at the Technical University of Munich (Germany), was elected as Fellow of the European Academy of Sciences ...more
  6. July 2016, Prof. Rodrigo Martins, Professor at the New University of Lisbon (Portugal), was elected as Fellow of the European Academy of Sciences ...more