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President's Eurasc presentation
Some lectures presented at the G.A. A G 2007 Pictures

Blaise Pascal Medal in Biology and Life Sciences

Howard Green, USA

In recognition of his outstanding work on the development of cultivation of human epidermal cells to generate large scale autologous skin transplant. He discovered and developed to perfection his method to restore the skin of 3rd degree burn victims who were too severely burnt for conventional skin grafting. In the last 20 years this method has saved the lives of tens of thousands of burn victims all over the world.

Blaise Pascal Medal in Chemistry

Frans Carl de Schryver, Belgium

In recognition of his outstanding contribution to the study of photochemical polymerization, of dynamic processes inducing either photophysical or photochemical patways. He studied systems involving polymers but also crystals at the liquid-solid interface and developed techniques to detect single molecules.

Blaise Pascal Medal in Computational Science

Oscar H. Ibarra, USA

In recognition of his outstanding contributions in several areas of computational science, including theory of computing, design and analysis of algorithms, computational complexity, parallel computing, VLSI computation, formal verification, and membrane computing.

Blaise Pascal Medal in Earth Sciences

Sven Erik Jørgensen, Danemark

In recognition of his outstanding contributions in the fields of ecological modeling, management of ecosystems, ecosystem theory, ecological engineering and ecological thermodynamics. He is one of the few multidisciplinary researchers that has understood how to integrate several disciplines to solve ecological and environmental problems. Sven Erik Jørgensen has been able to integrate ecology (particularly systems ecology), with management and technological issues (ecological engineering) and thermodynamics and has developed ecological models as an integration tool.

Blaise Pascal Medal in Material Sciences

Alexander N. Guz, Ukraine

In recognition of his outstanding achievements in fundamental aspects of modern mechanics. He personally developed the theory of composite materials including all levels of composite material structure: macro, meso, and micro. He is also one well-known leader  in the three-dimensional linearized theory of stability of solids.

Blaise Pascal Medal in Physics

Edward Layer, Poland

In recognition of his outstanding personal contribution to metrology of dynamical systems. Prof. Layer has made seminal contribution in elaboration of the general calibration theory of measuring systems intended for measurement of dynamic signals. Practical application of this theory create the basis for determining dynamic accuracy classes of different measurement systems applied in many scientific fields e.g. in electrical metrology, geodesy, diagnostic systems in medicine , meteorology and others, for which dynamic accuracy is not given by the producers and for which the method of such accuracy determination has not been worked out so far.