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Federal Minister's assistant Speech Some lectures presented at the G.A.  A G 2008 Pictures

Blaise Pascal Medal in Physics

Professor Bernard BARBARA, France

In recognition of his outstanding personal contribution to different subjects of magnetism, with, in particular, the first study on the competition between magnetic order and Kondo effect, Prof. Barbara recently introduced micro-SQUIDs sensors in nanomagnetism. Allowing single dots measurements, this new approach stir up this field. He obtained the unambiguous evidence of the phenomenon of quantum tunnelling in magnetism, and later extended this field to rare-earth ions showing that quantum mesoscopic physics can reach the atomic scale.

Blaise Pascal Medal in Biology and Life Sciences

Professor Saverio CINTI, Italy

In recognition of his outstanding work on adipose tissues in relationship with the clinical problems of obesity and diabetes. In this field he created new concepts related to the anatomy , physiology and pathology of adipose tissues, led new light in aetiology of macrophage infiltration and consequently to the aetiology of T2 diabetes. In the field of cell biology the discovery of the physiologic reversible process of transdifferentiation in vivo as a direct transformation of the cell phenotype into another phenotype.

His work gave new light in aetiology of macrophage infiltration and consequently to the aetiology of T2 diabetes.. Also Prof. CINTI produced many contributions to the diagnostic use of electron microscopy, and to the knowledge of normal and pathologic anatomy of humans and other mammals.

Blaise Pascal Medal in Mathematics

Professor Willi JAEGER, Germany

In recognition of his outstanding contribution in the field of mathematical modelling, analysis, and simulation of complex and mainly nonlinear systems. Prof. JAEGER is involved in a wide field of applications which include physical, chemical, biological, and also medical and industrial applications.

Blaise Pascal in Material Science

Professor Terence G. LANGDON,  UK

In recognition of his outstanding achievements and pioneering research in the processing of ultrafine-grained metals by severe plastic deformation and for fundamental investigations into the properties of materials processed by equal-channel angular pressing and, more recently, high-pressure torsion. Currently, Prof. Langdon has published more than 500 scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals with more than 300 different co-authors. His publications have received over 14,000 citations.

Blaise Pascal Medal in Computational Science

Professor Moshe Y. VARDI, USA

In recognition of his outstanding contributions in several areas of computational science connected by their use of logic as an underlying methodology. His work has had fundamental and lasting impact on automatic verification, logic of knowledge, database theory, and finite-model theory

Blaise Pascal Medal in Social Science

Professor Georges VAN DEN ABBEELE, USA- Belgium

In recognition of his outstanding contributions to rethinking   of human and social studies in a contemporary context including philosophy , anthropology and  the impact of cognitive studies  on the “digital  divide” . Also Dr VAN DEN ABBEELE produced deep work on francophone studies and  the history of the European idea .