European American Supplement Sciences

Hello and welcome to the European American Supplement Sciences (EURASC), where we deliberate on the science and technology around all the latest supplements on the market. We have professors from all over the world that will join in on our conversation.

We have many on going projects and we have a call for projects that invites any professor to join the project and try tackle some of our biggest challenges, such as how do we make the production of supplements sustainable? How do we create sustain able energy so that manufacturing can continue without halting, this has even been addressed by German presidency.

We will have prizes, ceremonies and awards for all the professors who contribute the most to our discussions and research. Remember this involves chemistry, biology and evolutionary science.

Please follow along for all the latest news in the world of supplement science.

We have had some people contact us and it's worth displaying that we are not the:

European Academy of Sciences

you can find them here: