European Academy of Sciences

EurASc - Blaise Pascal Medal and Leonardo da Vinci award - call for nominations

Dear Colleagues, As you know, every year, with our awards, we aim to reward those scientists that have made exceptional contributions to the advance of sciences in different areas as well as the Leonardo da Vinci career prize, decerned to the one whose breakthrough contributions have benefitted the global science community. We expect to undertake this during our upcoming EURASC symposia that will take place by videoconference on 14th April, under the coordination of our fellow Daniel Scherman (who himself will be sending out a programme to all members very soon). Therefore the time has come to request proposals from each division for the Leonardo da Vinci award and the Blaise Pascal Medal, where criteria of excellence must be considered for proper analysis by the Presidium. To this end, we would expect your selection to be evidence based and science relevant, though without the requirement of awarding in all science areas. As you know, there is another organization calling itself the EU Academy of Sciences that uses the logo EUAS and that has been misleading and confusing researchers and scientists. In order to create some distance between this suspicious organization and us, we have created a new email address: This year, the deadline to send the nominations is February, 28th, 2021. We are looking forward to receiving the nominations. Sincerely yours, Rodrigo Martins (EURASC President)