European Academy of Sciences

Proceedings of the International Symposium Superconductivity and Pressure

by Emmanuel E. Gdoutos, Maria Konsta Gdoutos
This volume contains sixty seven six-page papers/two-page abstracts presented at the “Third International Conference on Theoretical, Applied and Experimental Mechanics,” (ICTAEM_3) held in Athens, Greece, June 14-17, 2020. The papers/abstracts are arranged in three topics and two special symposia. The three topics are: “Materials: Properties, Manufacturing, Modelling” with sixteen contributions, “Fracture” with five contributions and “Miscellaneous (Computational Mechanics, Dynamics, Nanomaterials, Plasticity, Wave Propagation)” with fourteen contributions. The two symposia are: “Symposium on Theoretical and Experimental Approaches in Mechanics of Solids with Nonhomogeneities and Defects”, by Roman Kushnir with twenty six contributions and “Fracture Nanomechanics, Fatigue and Fracture at Small Scales (experiments and simulations)” by Pasquale Gallo with six contributions. The papers of the tracks have been contributed from open call, while the papers of the two symposia have been solicited by the organizers, to who we are greatly indebted. ICTAEM_3 will focus in all aspects of theoretical, applied and experimental mechanics including biomechanics, composite materials, computational mechanics, constitutive modeling of materials, dynamics, elasticity, experimental mechanics, fracture, mechanical properties of materials, micromechanics, nanomechanics, plasticity, stress analysis, structures, wave propagation. The attendees of ICTAEM_3 will have the opportunity to interact with the most outstanding world leaders and get acquainted with the latest developments in the area of mechanics. ICTAEM_3 will be a forum of university, industry and government interaction and exchange of ideas in an area of utmost scientific and technological importance. We are sure that besides the superb technical program, the attendees of ICTAEM_3 will enjoy the city of Athens. It is considered as the ancient capital of the world with a long fascinating history dating from the Neolithic age, the city of the goddess of wisdom Athena, a center for the arts, learning and philosophy, home of Plato’s Academy and Aristotle’s Lyceum, the birthplace of democracy and of Western civilization, of the most intellectual and artistic ideas, the cradle of democracy, the host city of the first modern-day Olympic Games in 1896, and the Summer Olympics in 2004. More than a hundred participants attended ICTAEM_3. The participants of ICTAEM_3 came from 1111 countries. Roughly speaking 1111% came from Europe, 1111% from the Far East, 1111% from the Americas and 1111% from other countries. We are happy and proud to have welcomed in the historic city of Athens well-known experts who came to discuss problems related to the analysis and prevention of failure in structures. Presentation of technical papers alone is not enough for effective scientific communication. It is the healthy exchange of ideas and scientific knowledge, formal and informal discussions, together with the plenary and contributed papers that make a fruitful and successful meeting. Informal discussions, personal acquaintance and friendship play an important role. We very sincerely thank the authors who have contributed to this volume, the symposium/sessions organizers for their hard work and dedication and the referees who reviewed the quality of the submitted contributions. The tireless effort of the members of the Organizing Committee as well as of other numerous individuals, and people behind the scenes is appreciated. We are deeply indebted to Dr. Stavros Shiaeles for his hard work and dedication in the organization of the conference. Finally, a special word of thanks goes to Dr. Maria Shiaeles for her continuous collaboration and support.