European Academy of Sciences

Death of Professor Alajos Kalman

We have to deplore the death of our distinguished Fellow Professor Alajos Kalman, member of our Academy since 2003, deceased on December 26, 2017.

 Prof. Kalman was recognized as a specialist in chemical crystallography and for his research on molecular structures, and was a pioneer in the ′comprehensive characterisation and description of isostructurality in organic crystals acting as a super molecule′ . He was Chairman of the Association of Hungarian Chemists for more than 20 years,  member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, and received numerous awards (

Regarding my personal meetings with our famous Fellow, I would like to underline his ′finesse′ in the scientific explanations he gave to ... a lawyer like me, and praise again his wonderful sense of humour when he was explaining his complex work to non scientific minds (like mine): it was wonderful.

We were very honoured to have Prof. Kalman among our Fellows.

Hélène de Rode
Perpetual Secretary of EurASc