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Death of Prof. Enzo Tiezzi


The 25th of June 2010 Professor Enzo Tiezzi, member of the board of  Eurasc’s division for Earth Science and Environmental Sciences,  passed away. We  lost not only a good friend but a good scientific companion. I have had many scientific discussion with Enzo, and I will miss them very much because they were always very inspiring. We had a common goal : to reveal the properties of ecosystems by use of far from thermodynamic equilibrium. It has always been pleasure to work with Enzo towards this goal, because he was positive and very open-minded - as an ecosystem he was ontic open - open for new ideas and new possibilities. He was genuine mutidiscplinary and could see how one scientific discipline could be used beneficially in other scientific disciplines. Enzo loved science, but he had at the same time an  approach of an artist to science. I admire how he was able to write about very hard science in a way that would fascinate the reader. Take his books: Beauty & Science, The Essence of Time, The End of Time and Steps Towards an Evolutionary Physics. All four books are written by a scientist with the hand of an artist.

Enzo Tiezzi has a master and ph.d degree in physical chemistry. In 1970, after teaching Physical Chemistry at Florence University for several years, he was appointed director of the Institute and later of the Department of Chemistry, Siena University.  He has been full professor of physical chemistry in the Faculty of Science of the University of Siena since 1979. He has, however, used his physical chemistry to achieve  a better understanding of natural systems, particularly ecosystems

Enzo Tiezzi has written more than 30 books, many of which have been translated and published in other languages. The End of Time, The Essence of Time, Beauty and Science, Steps Towards an Evolutionary Physics, City out of Chaos, The Road to Sustainability, GDP and Future Generation were recently published in English (WIT press). Beauty and Science came out in Spanish in 2006 (La belleza y la ciencia, ICARIA). Tempi Storici, Tempi Biologici (Garzanti 1984) was a best seller in its sector with four editions in three years, winning the Locarno International Festival prize and being nominated book of the year in 1986 by the Italian Institute of Culture in London. The Essence of Time is prefaced by Ilya Prigogine, Nobel in Chemistry, Beauty and Science by Pietro Cascella and Steps towards an evolutionary physics by Sven Jørgensen.

Enzo Tiezzi is author of more than 500 scientific papers, most in prestigious international peer reviewed journals with high impact factor. He has received several wards and prizes for his unique scientific contribution: In the 2003 Eminent Scientist Award by the Wessex Institute of Technology WIT, Great Britain., the gold medal of the Italian Chemical Society, Environmental Chemistry and Cultural Heritage Division in 2002 and that of the President of the Council of Ministers in 2003.  In 2004 he received the Blaise Pascal Medal of the European Academy of Sciences for Physics and Chemistry. He was awarded the Prize for Art and Science, 2005, at the Palazzo della Ragione in Mantova and the Prigogine Award 2005, Senior Researcher Medal at the University of Cadiz. We was awarded the San Valentino gold medal of the city of Terni in 2006. In 2008 he received the gold medal “G.B. Bonino” of the Italian Chemical Society, Physical Chemistry Division and the prize “Casato Prime Donne” – MPS Capital Services Bank for Enterprises for the book “The road to sustainability”. In 2008 he received in Siena the “Mangia d’oro” prize from the Concistoro del Monte del Mangia.

Enzo was not only a positive and creative scientist but he was  also  positiv in his attitude to other people. He was never - many scientists unfortunately are – self-promoting, but because he loved science, he gave room for other scientists to contribute to science. I will miss Enzo very very much - his warm friendship, his creativity, his ideas and his smile.

Let me quote the words that Bernie Patten and I have written after a paper that is submitted for a special issue of Ecological Modelling  for the memory and  tributary of Enzo Tiezzi:

In Memoriam     

We will miss our friend Enzo Tiezzi—quiet scholar, warm spirit, renaissance man from where the Renaissance began ...

Let no Sunrise′ yellow noise ~ Interrupt this ground

Emily Dickinson

  Sven Erik Jørgensen