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Death of Professor Sven Erik Jorgensen

We recently received the very sad news that Prof. Dr. Sven Erik Jorgensen passed away on March 5th at age 81.

Sven Jorgensen has been one of the most eminent ecologists through the history, and has made a huge contribution to the ecological theory as well as to different issues related to the application of science to solve many different environmental problems. Sven Jorgensen founded the International Society on Ecological Modelling and the journal “Ecological Modelling”, which are currently the world’s main references for the conceptual and mathematical representation of ecological systems. He published more than 300 peer-review papers in a discipline, such as Ecology, where the collection of data for having a good background for any publication usually requires big efforts and many time. He wrote many books, from which those dealing with ecological modelling and systems ecology are the preferred references for specialists. He was also the editor-in-chief of the “Encyclopaedia of Ecology”, which covers all the scientific knowledge on Ecology.

Among many other distinctions, Prof. Jorgensen was awarded with the Blaise Pascal Medal on Environmental Sciences of EURASC in 2007, and he was the Head of the Earth and Environmental Sciences Division until 2013, serving our Academy in an exceptional way. Until the last moment, Sven enjoyed his passion for science, but also shared time with his friends, family and, especially, with his recently born grandchild. We are grieved with this news and with the huge void he leaves both at a professional and personal level. On behalf of EURASC we would like to express our condolences to his family. We, as friends and colleagues, will keep Sven’s scientific and personal legacy in our memory.

Prof. Jorgensen during the Ceremony of Awards, at the Palais d′Egmont (Brussels), 2007


Toni Camacho 
Head of the Earth & Environmental Sciences Division