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Michael Griebel


Michael Griebel
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Computational and Information Sciences Division
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Institut für Numerische Simulation, Univ-Bonn

Michael Griebel was born in Augsburg, Germany, in 1960. He studied Computer Science at the Technische Universität München where he received his Diplom in 1985, the Dr. rer. nat. in 1989 and the Habilitation in 1993. Since then he is a full Professor for Numerical Simulation at the University of Bonn. He was a Visiting Professor at the University of California at San Diego, at the Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics of the University of California, Los Angeles, USA, at the University Paris VII Diderot, France, and at the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia. He also was an International Fellow of the Australian Research Council (ARCIF).

He is presently the Director of the Institute for Numerical Simulation at the University of Bonn and the Director of the Fraunhofer Institute for Algorithms and Scientific Computing (SCAI) in St. Augustin. Furthermore, he is the Speaker of the Collaborative Research Center SFB611 “Singular phenomena and scaling in mathematical models” and a member of Hausdorff Center for Mathematics (Cluster of Excellence) at the University of Bonn where he heads the research area J on “High-dimensional problems and multi-scale methods“.

Michael Griebel works on the fast numerical solution of partial differential equations discretization techniques, multigrid- and multilevel methods, high-dimensional problems, the parallelization of numerical algorithms, high performance computing, visualization, numerical methods for data analysis and data mining, fluid flow simulations (CFD), and molecular dynamics simulations (MD), with applications in the Engineering Sciences.

He is the author of seven books and more than 150 articles in international journals, series- and conference-proceedings and he serves on the editorial board of Springer's “Lecture Notes in Computational Science and Engineering” and “Texts in Computational Science and Engineering”. Furthermore, he edited nine books in the area of the Computational Sciences and he is the managing editor of the journal “Numerische Mathematik”.

Details can be found on his web page