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Li-Xian Sun

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Li-Xian Sun
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Materials Science Division
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Guilin City
Guilin University of Electronic Technology

Professor Li-Xian Sun is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry, Alexander von Humboldt Fellow, NEDO/AIST Fellow, 100 Talent Program Recipient of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Guangxi Bagui Scholar, Director of the Key Lab. of Electronic and Information Materials, Guangxi and Dean of School of Materials Science and Engineering at Guilin University of Electronic Technology, Head of Guangxi Collaborative Innovation Center; Director of Guangxi Advanced Functional Materials and Device Center; Director of Small Highland of Guangxi Talents for Basis and Application of Advanced Functional Materials; Group Leader of New Energy Science & Technology. He received his B.Sc., Master degree and PhD in Analytical Chemistry in Hunan University, China in 1984, 1987, 1994 respectively. He worked in Hunan Agricultural University and Hunan Normal University, then took a position at Jena University as a Alexander von Humboldt fellow and NIMC of AIST as a NEDO fellow from 1995 to 2001. In 2001, he joined the Materials & Thermochemistry Laboratory as a group leader, at Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics (DICP), Dalian National Laboratory (DNL) for Clean Energy, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). In 2012, he moved to Guilin University of Electronic Technology as a full professor.


His current research interests include hydrogen storage/generation materials, phase change materials, sensors and intelligent instrument. He has published over 501 papers (with a h-index 52 and over 10,348 citations), and 6 book chapters in peer-reviewed journals in the areas of material physical chemistry, material engineering, chemical thermochemistry, bio/chemical sensor, electrochemistry and new energy and has been involved in 25 authorized patents. Li-Xian Sun obtained the Allowance of the State Council, Government of China in 2016. He was awarded as “National Excellent Scientist of China” in 2014, “Excellent 100 Talent Program of Chinese Academy of Sciences” in 2008, “Excellent Guangxi Bagui Scholar” (Guangxi, China) in 2018, and “Elsevier Most Cited Chinese Researchers” from 2014 to 2019 every year, “Natural Science Award” (Silver Medal, Guangxi, China) in 2012 & 2017 respectively, “Natural Science Award” (Copper Medal, Liaoning, China) in 2012, “JTAC/15thICTAC Honorary Reviewer/Lecture Award” (Japan) in 2016. Li-Xian Sun is Associate Editor of Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry (JTAC), and Member of the Editorial Advisory Board for International Journal of Electrochemical Science, Journal of Chemical Thermodynamics, etc.. He has organized many conferences such as 24th IUPAC International Conference on Chemical Thermodynamics-ICCT2016” (China), Recent Progress in Graphene & 2D Material Research (RPGR 2018) .