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04/12/2019 -
Science and Technology commitments by Germany Presidency

The President of EURASC, Professor Rodrigo Martins has been asked to be the “Kuemmerer”/”Guardian Angels” for thematic sessions of  Sustainable Materials and Green deal and of the session concerning Young Scientists, during the  IndTech 2020 to be organized  during the Germany presidency of the European Union, in Mainz, 26-28 October 2020. 

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02/12/2019 -
The new open challenges for HORIZON Europe

"Creativity Towards Future Science Challenges"

The President of EURASC, Professor Rodrigo Martins integrates the world scientist group asked for thinking what Materials we will need for the future. The group that includes 20 top world scientists define a new paradigm for science, called STEM Materials, whose concept is to design and create a material able to integrate functions, such as an organ. This concept was accepted by the director of DG Research on Prosperity of the European Commission, Peter Droeel, to be introduced as a key issue within the Horizon Europe programme, targeting the objectives of the Green Deal proposed by the presidency of the European Commission.

For further details, see the publication  "STEM Materials: a new frontier for an intelligent sustainable world",  BMC Materials journal ,Nature Springer .  

01/12/2019 -

We would like to bring your attention to a fraudulent invitation to become member of the EU Academy of Sciences (EUAS). This invitation is not sent by us, the European Academy of Sciences (EurASc). The sender has no link with EurASc. 

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