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06/07/2020 -
Webinar by Prof. Gogotsi

Prof. Gogotsi is organizing an online conference on MXenes: 

MXene Virtual Conference 2020 (August 3-7, 2020) and Virtual Courses on Synthesis and Characterization of MXenes (July 27-31).

More information here : link

03/07/2020 -
Prof. Desheng Wu hold online Symposium and Webinar

Respectively on 5th June and on 23rd and 24th of June 2020, Prof. Desheng Wu hold a Webinar on Data Analytics and Decision Making Systems and a symposium on Analytics and Risks Successfully.

You can consult the document about the webinar here and the symposium here.”

01/07/2020 -
New ERC Panel Structure in 2021 and 2022

In view of the major revision of the ERC panel structure for the 2021 and 2022 calls, the ERC Scientific Council has decided to publish the full panel structure well ahead of time.

In this new structure we would like to highlight that by the first time the Materials Science and Engineering has a specific panel, Panel 11 to which we are proud to contribute through different policy makers for the need of such a panel, thanks to the role of Materials as an enabler for science and technology.

This should allow the scientific communities to familiarise themselves with the changes in preparation for the first calls under the 2021 Work Programme.

(Article from

There is now an ERC panel fully devoted to Materials Science.


New Members
George Papadakis
Engineering Division
Agricultural University of Athens
Sabine Werner
Medicine and Life Sciences Division
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
Stefano Atzeni
Physics Division
University of Rome "La Sapienza"
Guest Members
Julian Revalski
Mathematics Division
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
Honorary Members
Martin Hairer
Mathematics Division
Imperial College London
Emily Carter
Engineering Division
University of California
Junuthula N. Reddy
Engineering Division
Texas A&M University