There are tons of supplements on the market that claim to help consumers lose weight and build muscles. Some of these supplements can be very helpful to certain people. However, some of them are no more than pseudo-science. 

Trying to figure out which is which can be quite a challenge. 

Below, we’ll take a closer look at Night Shred, one of the premium fat-burning supplements on the market, and the science behind it. We’ll help you figure out if it’s effective enough to buy.

What is Night Shred Exactly?

Night Shred is a nighttime fat burner that contains ingredients to help suppress appetite. These ingredients are what you’d expect in an appetite-suppressant formulation. However, it also includes some calming additives, such as chamomile, which may help with stress and emotional eating.

These calming ingredients may also improve sleep. Improved sleep makes you less likely to have late-night cravings – because you’ll be sleeping!  

Inno Supps created this product as one of its flagship supplements. You can find this supplement on Amazon and GNC, making it more widely available than other options

What are Fat Burners?

Fat burners are supplements that may help you lose weight quicker. Of course, how they work may vary. Some of these supplements suppress appetite, which helps you lose weight by lowering caloric intake. Night Shred falls into this category.

However, others may help you burn calories faster with ingredients that speed up your metabolism and prevent the binding of new fat tissue. The third category is fat burners that do both of these things. 

Can Anyone Use Fat Burners?

Generally, yes. Any healthy person can use a fat burner. However, if you have underlying medical conditions or are pregnant, you should speak to your doctor first. These supplements are typically considered safe.

However, they can produce some side effects. The exact side effects will vary depending on the supplement. For instance, some stronger supplements are linked to acute liver failure when taken over a longer period.

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What Are the Benefits of Using Night Shred?

There are several potential benefits of using Night Shred. Of course, everyone’s bodies react to these supplements differently, so you won’t know exactly how you’ll react until you take it. Luckily, it is considered reasonably safe, so there is little stopping you from trying it. 

This supplement is a blend of more than a few ingredients and that’s the reason why there are so many potential benefits for users. First and foremost, this supplement suppresses your appetite, making you eat less, which is usually enough for people to start shedding weight slowly. 

Night Shred also helps with sleep regulation. The supplement contains many ingredients to help combat stress. By lowering stress, you may also experience less emotional eating and similar self-harming behaviors. Of course, less stress and more relaxation also help increase sleep quality and duration.  It may also help your sleep be of better quality and increase the amount of fat you burn (though we’ll look at the science behind that shortly). 

For those that work out regularly, Night Shred may help increase muscle recovery. While it isn’t a muscle-builder, it can help you rest better, which also helps your muscles recover faster. There is some anecdotal evidence that it may help decrease soreness, too. 

The Ingredients of the Night Shred Formula

To accomplish all of this, Night Shred uses a specific blend of ingredients. Let’s look at each one by one


Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid is produced while you sleep and is one of the neurotransmitters that pass on information in our brain. The role it has in Night Shred is one focused on combating the effects of stress. Some people with underlying conditions may have lower-than-normal levels of GABA, such as those with ADHD and anxiety.

While not much has been done on GABA and weight loss, scientists have found that those who take GABA may fall asleep faster.


Chamomile is a well-known herb that promotes relaxation and is considered to be very safe to consume on a regular basis. It also has many other benefits, such as easing skin conditions, digestive upsets, and pain. 

Perhaps most importantly for our uses, chamomile promotes sleep. It may help you fall asleep with more ease and have an uninterrupted sleep cycle. With more sleep, you’ll be less likely to eat late at night and more likely to burn fat as a result. 

However, chamomile powder (used in this supplement) hasn’t been shown to have these effects. Therefore, this supplement may or may not have the sedating qualities we associate with chamomile tea. 


Passionflower is similar to chamomile. It has some calming effects that may help promote sleep. However, it needs to be studied more and may be less effective. The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health states that there isn’t much evidence supporting its use

However, some studies have found that it may improve sleep quality by reducing stress and anxiety.

Valerian Root

Valerian root has been utilized in herbal medicine for hundreds of years. This herb affects GABA receptors in the body, which control stress and sleep. Increasing your body’s reaction to natural GABA can have sedative effects. In other words, valerian root can help you sleep a bit better.

The studies conducted on this root are newer. However, one did find that this herb may have anti-anxiety and antidepressant effects. With that said, the herb was not consumed in this study – it was inhaled.

Ashwagandha Root

Ashwagandha has received a lot of hype in the past few years. However, unlike other hyped-up herbs, studies have found that this plant offers many different benefits. 

In this supplement, Ashwagandha is used as an adaptogen, which means it helps the body cope with stress. There is evidence that this herb helps control stress hormones in the body. For instance, it may lower the activity of several stress-related systems in the body and, through this, may help reduce anxiety and stress. 

Ashwagandha may also help improve athletic performance. For instance, one study found that several participants who took the herb experienced increased strength and oxygen use while exercising. An analysis of several studies found that healthy adults used more oxygen after consuming this herb.

Based on this information, the increased athletic response may be due mostly to increased oxygen usage. With more oxygen in circulation, you’re able to perform better.

Several sleep studies also showed a benefit to ashwagandha. For instance, one study involved 50 older adults who took ashwagandha for 12 weeks. The study found that the adults experienced increased sleep quality and mental alertness

Grains of Paradise

This herb is similar to ginger and has a peppery flavor. This herb may affect brown adipose tissue (in men, at least). This tissue creates body heat and is one of the main ways humans burn calories while inactive.

Another study was done on adult, obese women, during which the women consumed grains of paradise daily for four weeks. At the end of the trial, those who consumed the plant lost more body fat. However, it had the most effect on visceral fat.

  • CLA
    In a study analysis, this supplement was found to cause a “modest” fat loss. These effects occur over a period of six months before plateauing.
  • L-Tryptophan is an amino acid that is linked to several functions in the body. It modulates serotonin to some extent, which can make you feel relaxed. However, there aren’t many studies to back up this claim. It may also be linked with “serotonin syndrome,” which occurs when your serotonin levels become too high.

  • Melatonin

    Melatonin is a widely utilized supplement that can help with sleep. It’s called the “sleep hormone” for a good reason. Specifically, it can help you fall asleep and improve sleep quality, according to various studies.

Who Should Use Night Shred?

Night Shred’s main goal is to help users get a good night’s sleep and burn fat throughout the night. Therefore, those who have trouble sleeping may see the best results from using it. If you’re already sleeping great, then you likely won’t get many benefits from the sleep-enhancing portion of this supplement. 

However, this supplement does include several ingredients that also support weight loss overall, as well as improve your overall mood. Therefore, even if you sleep well, you may still notice other benefits from this supplement.

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When Should I Take Night Shred?

Night Shred includes melatonin and several other ingredients to promote sleep. Therefore, it should be taken at night. It is recommended to take it about thirty minutes before bed, giving the sleep-enhancing elements time to kick in. 

However, everyone’s body will react a bit differently. Therefore, you should feel free to adjust the dosage time as necessary. 

Still, we don’t recommend taking it in the morning – for obvious reasons.

How Long Does It Take to Start Working?

It does vary a bit. Many of the ingredients will work the first time you take the supplement (including many of the sleep-enhancing ingredients). However, some work better as they build up in your system. You should notice weight loss differences within the first month. 

How long exactly it will take for you to notice a difference is difficult to guess. It depends on your body and current lifestyle. 

Are There Any Side Effects or Contraindications?

Of course, not all ingredients are safe for everyone. All of the ingredients in this supplement are considered safe for regular people. However, if you have a sleep disorder, you should speak to your doctor before taking this supplement. Many of the ingredients increase sleepiness. Therefore, if that’s already a problem for you, this supplement likely won’t work as intended. 

Furthermore, many of the supplements may increase serotonin. While the dosages are within the “safe” zone, those taking depression or anxiety medications may find this supplement increasing their serotonin too much. This can lead to serotonin disorders. 

We also recommend checking your other supplements and vitamins to ensure you aren’t doubling up on any of them. Some of the ingredients in Night Shred are often part of vitamin supplements, as well. 

Night Shred vs. Night Shred Black

While both Night Shred and Night Shred Black are extremely similar, there are some subtle differences. There are slight differences in ingredients that are easy to miss if you don’t look carefully. For example, night Shred includes ashwagandha, while Night Shred Black has omitted this ingredient and added others. 

However, the ingredients it does add don’t have as much research to back them up. Furthermore, the black edition is also more expensive. Therefore, we typically recommend Night Shred for most users. It’s more effective (usually) and less expensive.

Which One Should I Use?

We recommend getting Night Shred for many different reasons. Firstly, it includes more science-backed ingredients than the black edition. Secondly, it is also cheaper and therefore, you’re paying less and getting more. So it’s a win-win situation. 

The company apparently tries to sell the black edition as the “premium” option. However, based on the ingredients, it seems more like a downgrade.

Where Can I Get Night Shred?

Night Shred is more widely available than most fat-burning supplements out there. You can purchase it directly from the company’s website, where you can also find the other supplements they offer. However, you can also find it at GNC and similar stores. It’s even popped up on Amazon from time to time. 

Therefore, we recommend looking for it wherever you typically get your supplements.

What Do the Reviews Say About It?

Like most supplements out there, there are some fans and some haters of Night Shred. Many positive reviews claim that it helped the consumer lose weight. However, these people likely also made some lifestyle changes. Therefore, it can be difficult to determine what was caused by the supplement directly and what weight loss was caused by other changes.

Of course, negative reviews reported just the opposite – no weight change occurred. Luckily, very few negative reviews report side effects and similar issues. 

We expect that this supplement will affect different people differently. Some people will experience significant changes, while others won’t experience any. Those who have sleep difficulties or who don’t get a lot of sleep will likely benefit most from this supplement.

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Night Shred FAQs

How Long Does It Take for Night Shred to Kick In?

Many of the sleep-inducing ingredients of night shred kick in after thirty minutes or so. However, everyone reacts a bit differently. Therefore, you may notice drowsiness sooner. For this reason, we recommend taking this supplement right before bed. 

The fat-burning supplements take a bit longer to kick in. It tends to work lightly and increase over time. Therefore, you won’t notice a difference until you take the supplement over a long period of time. However, the ingredients technically start working shortly after you take the supplement.

Do Nighttime Fat Burners Work?

Nighttime fat burners work by improving sleep. Sleep deprivation is associated with a range of negative effects and can even affect your weight. Furthermore, they also increase the amount of energy burned by normal body functions. Your metabolism continues while you’re asleep, and these nighttime fat burners try to speed up this metabolism a bit. 

Of course, not all nighttime fat burners are equal. Some work better than others. It’s all about the ingredients in each supplement. 

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