Every year, a new generation of HCG hucksters and scam artists—from Sensa to the infamous caffeine-infused underwear—are looking to part you from your hard-earned cash. Every “miracle in a bottle” weight loss cure is a scam 99.99% of the time, and there are thousands of vials of snake oil on the market offering nothing but implausible success stories and outlandish performance claims. 

How can you separate the truth from fiction in an age riddled with lies and misinformation?

Well, we’re here to give you the hard facts—science-backed solutions so you can see real results, make genuine progress on your weight loss journey, and get the best value for your money.

Today, we will cover Hourglass Fit, an extensively tested and proven weight-loss supplement designed to help curb your appetite, eliminate cravings, and improve your energy levels to get you back to looking and feeling your best.

What is Hourglass Fit

Hourglass Fit, by Roar Ambition, is a natural, caffeine-free fat burner and appetite suppressant designed specifically for women.

It’s a hard pill to swallow, but there is no miracle cure for weight loss—you can’t take a pill and watch the pounds melt away. However, options are available to make your efforts more bearable. Hourglass Fit, and other similar weight-loss supplements, suppress your appetite, eliminate your cravings, boost your metabolism, and prevent energy crashes and plateaus so you can make the most out of your diet and exercise regime.

It’s not intended to replace a healthy lifestyle, only elevate it, so it’s easier to stick to your weight loss commitment and make real progress. With its composition of natural herbal ingredients, vitamins, and minerals designed specifically with women’s health in mind, Hourglass Fit will support your nutritional needs and help you lose weight quickly without feeling bloated or fidgety. 

Who’s the manufacturer

Hourglass Fit is the brainchild of Roar Ambition—a nutritional supplements company headed by Robert Parker. This UK-based company is a well-respected, reputable market leader in the natural supplements sector and is responsible for many successful nutrition-focused products such as Prime Male, 4 Gauge, and Instant Knockout.

Who should use it?

Hourglass Fit is an excellent weight-loss supplement for anyone looking to get weight-loss results fast and stick to a healthy lifestyle and eating habits. Although this formulation is designed and marketed specifically to women who desire an “ideal” hourglass physique, there’s no reason why men can’t also benefit from adding Hourglass Fit to their daily routine. However, differences in weight loss challenges and dietary, calorie, and nutrient requirements between the sexes mean that men may benefit less from this product than their female compatriots. Men looking for safe, effective weight loss supplements may achieve better results with a product formulated specifically for their gender.

For health and safety reasons, Hourglass fit recommends that this product be used only by people 18 years old or above and should not be taken by pregnant or breastfeeding women or those who are allergic to any of the core ingredients. If you are over 50, check out our list of best fat burners for you.

What makes it suitable for women?

Hourglass fit contains a unique combination of natural, herbal ingredients, vitamins, and minerals geared towards women to help burn more body fat, improve mood, and boost metabolism. Women break down body fat differently from men, so a gender-specific supplement like Hourglass Fit is necessary to boost women’s metabolic processes and fat-burning systems effectively. It is also designed to address women’s concerns with gender-neutral fat-burning supplements. In particular, this weight-loss supplement is caffeine free, hindering the jitters and bloating experienced by many women using stimulant-heavy, male-focused weight-loss supplements. 

As a top 5 women’s fat burner in 2021, Hourglass Fit has defined its status as an effective, proven weight loss solution through the widespread support of women around the globe.

What benefits is Hourglass Fit expected to provide?

Hourglass Fit’s carefully formulated mix of natural herbs, vitamins, and minerals offers several benefits:

  • Curbs cravings and suppresses your appetite to prevent snacking between meals and shrinking your portion size at mealtime;
  • Regulates and maintains healthy metabolism and accelerates weight loss by buffing your fat-burning systems;
  • Normalizes your blood sugar levels to help avoid sugar highs and crashes while preventing sugar cravings;
  • Improves your mood, reduces depression and anxiety, gives you the motivation to hit the gym and the mental fortitude to avoid temptations;
  • Ensures your energy levels are consistent throughout the day so you can get the most out of your workout and avoid crashes caused by being at a caloric deficit;
  • Assists in muscle recovery between workouts to help you stick to your exercise routine;
  • Improves your quality of sleep;
  • Helps replace essential nutrients for those on a strict calorie-restricted diet;
  • Improve digestive health and improve nutrition absorption;
  • Promotes a healthy lifestyle.

Nothing can replace the good ol’ “diet and exercise” approach, not even Hourglass Fit. This weight-loss supplement acts as an essential supporting character rather than the main protagonist. It may be less critical regarding weight loss, but its presence makes a noticeable improvement to the overall experience. Hourglass fit buffs all your body systems involved in muscle recovery, energy generation, and fat metabolism to give you fast and long-lasting results when combined with an active, healthy lifestyle and a strict weight loss regimen.

Ingredients that go into the Hourglass Fit formula

Hourglass Fit Ingredients Chart


Amount per serving


A Trace mineral that regulates metabolism and blood sugar levels to help A Trace mineral that regulates metabolism and blood sugar levels to help suppress your appetite and eliminate cravings.suppress your appetite and eliminate cravings.

125 mg

Black Pepper Extract

Piperine, its main active ingredient, improves nutrient absorption, boosting muscle recovery and fat metabolism.

5 mg

Cayenne Pepper Extract
Capsaicin, but without the spicy kick. This natural additive raises body temperature, boosting metabolism and fat-burning systems.

100 mg


This water-soluble fiber harvested from elephant root expands your stomach, making you feel full for longer after a meal.

3000 mg


This is a naturally occurring serotonin booster derived from L-tryptophan, an essential amino acid. It improves mood, reduces depression, suppresses appetite, and improves sleep quality.

150 mg


This essential mineral plays a pivotal role in thyroid function, helping you maintain a healthy metabolism and burn fat efficiently.

8 mg

Vitamin B2

It helps the body convert food into usable energy, keeping you energized all day despite your low-calorie intake.

1.1 mg

Vitamin B6

This essential vitamin helps regulate your metabolism by helping break down proteins, fats, and carbohydrates.

1.7 mg

Vitamin B12

Maintains healthy DNA, nerves, and blood cells while improving mood and energy levels.

2.4 mg


We’ve all been there; sticking to a diet is hard work. Everywhere you go and look, various forms of temptation sit candidly in bakeries, shop shelves, and restaurants, just waiting for you to lose control and go on an hour-long power-eating binge. Don’t despair! Where willpower alone can fail, Chromium will give you the mental fortitude you need to keep at it. Chromium is the primary active component of many fat burners—an essential trace mineral that helps regulate blood sugar levels and metabolism. This natural additive, found in meat, fruit, and vegetables, helps suppress your appetite and eliminate cravings so you can stick to your dietary plan, avoid unnecessary snacking and reduce your overall calorie intake. 

Black Pepper Extract (Bioperine)

Piperine, the primary component of black pepper extract, improves nutrient absorption and thus helps speed muscle replenishment and recovery. For all those times your body doesn’t recover fast enough after a hard workout, black pepper extract will help you beat muscle fatigue and stick to your weekly routine.

Piperine also helps buff fat metabolization to reduce fat deposits, cholesterol, and overall body weight.

Cayenne Pepper Extract (Capsimax)

The primary ingredient in cayenne pepper extract is capsaicin, the causative agent behind the burning sensation you may experience while enjoying a spicy meal. Capsaicin doesn’t only offer an uncomfortable side effect—it also raises your body temperature, boosting your metabolism and fat-burning systems. Furthermore, this unique formulation negates all the spiciness that usually accompanies ingesting capsaicin, so you can enjoy the benefits without unpleasant spicy after-effects.


Glucomannan is a common ingredient in weight-loss supplements, a water-soluble fiber sourced from elephant yam roots renowned for its ability to stifle sugar cravings. Glucomannan expands gradually in your stomach, slowing food release and making you feel full for longer after eating. Thus, this natural appetite suppressant increases the time before you start feeling hungry again, inhibiting undue snacking between meals. Also, evidence suggests that glucomannan may directly improve fat metabolism and body fat composition, making it an ideal constituent in any weight-loss supplement or diet.


Getting motivated to go to the gym and achieve that weight loss milestone is all about attitude. 5-HTP or hydroxytryptophan, a naturally occurring byproduct of the essential amino acid L-tryptophan, boosts your serotonin levels to help improve your mood so you can lift your weary mind and body off the couch and stick to your exercise regime. Evidence also suggests that 5-HTP may act as an appetite suppressant, curbing your sugar cravings during those days when temptation is too strong to resist. Getting a serotonin boost from 5-HTP will also improve your quality of sleep! This is pivotal for muscle recovery, mood, motivation, and weight loss progression.


Are you on a strict calorie-restricted diet and exercise plan and still can’t seem to lose weight? A zinc deficiency may be the culprit. Zinc is a trace mineral found in many common foods, most prevalent in oysters, meat, and poultry. Zinc is critical for thyroid health, responsible for regulating your metabolism and the rate your body burns calories and fat. Zinc does not directly burn fat but is still a worthy addition to any weight loss program—insufficient zinc levels can affect thyroid function, making weight loss more difficult. 


Hourglass fit contains a healthy dose of B vitamins (B2, B6, and B12), essential for boosting your metabolism and helping your body convert your meal into usable energy. While on a calorie-restricted diet, getting enough energy at the right time to sustain a quality workout can be challenging. Also, the energy lows from a caloric deficit can leave you feeling weak, tired, and lazy, and the increased mental strain can eat into your daily productivity. For this reason, many turn to caffeine for a much-needed energy boost, which can leave you shaky and distracted. B vitamins help smooth out your daily energy curve by ensuring that energy from your food is readily available, keeping your mood elevated and your energy levels higher for longer, without the need for stimulants.

Vitamin B2

Vitamin B2, or riboflavin, is vital for energy metabolism—taking food and converting it into cellular energy. If you’re on a calorie deficit, vitamin B2 helps keep your energy levels high by helping you get the most out of the food you are consuming. 

It also provides many health benefits outside of weight loss, including supporting cellular growth and development, maintaining healthy, glowing hair and skin, and migraine prevention.

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 helps break down proteins, carbs, and fats and thus is a primary actor in normalizing your metabolic health and transforming your food into usable energy. It also provides many other health benefits, such as:

  • Reducing cardiovascular disease risk;
  • Slowing cognitive decline;
  • A remedy against morning sickness;
  • Red-blood cell maintenance and production;
  • Improving immune system function.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 plays a vital role in the function and development of your blood and nerve cells, DNA, brain, and nerves. Its cerebral effects enhance your mood and help improve your energy levels, motivation, and psychological fortitude against unexpected temptations. Some evidence suggests that Vitamin B12 might also play a role in reducing cardiovascular risks as well as cognitive decline.

Hourglass Fit user reviews

Still on the fence? Don’t take my word for it; check out these testimonies from real users:

“I bought Hourglass Fit with the hopes of boosting my metabolism and accelerating my weight loss efforts. Within one week, with regular exercise and proper dieting, this weight loss supplement helped me shed about 3.5 lbs.”

Hourglass Fit works great, but I must say that it’s not what you’d consider a ‘miracle-working supplement.’ You need to take it while maintaining a proper diet and exercising regularly. The moment I gave up fast food and soda and began working out, I noticed a massive difference after using this product!”

“This product is well done and witty. On the other hand, when it comes to weight loss and diet. There’s truly no magic in the bottle. I strongly recommend that you book an appointment with your physician first before you start using any fat burners.”

How safe is this product?

Made with all-natural ingredients already present in much of the food you already consume, Hourglass Fit boasts zero side effects. However, many of the ingredients are in much higher quantities per serving than you consume in a typical meal. Thus, there is still a chance you could experience some mild side effects—with some users reporting headaches and mild digestive issues. 

It’s advisable to avoid all weight-loss supplements—Hourglass Fit included—if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, taking any medications, or allergic to any of the ingredients. Consult your doctor if you have any concerns, are experiencing any unexpected adverse effects, or want to see if this product is the right option for you.

Additionally, be careful taking this product alongside other supplements, as taking a heroic dose of some of the ingredients (ex. B vitamins) could put you at risk for minor side effects.


The recommended dosage is to take one capsule of Hourglass Fit with a full glass of water four times a day. One before breakfast, two before lunch, and one before dinner. If you’re a first-timer, start with two capsules daily (one before breakfast and one before dinner) to help your body adjust to the new changes. Ingest it with a cup of water at least 30 minutes before eating to give the active ingredients time to manifest their appetite suppression benefits. 

Maximizing this product’s benefits demands consistent daily usage alongside a regular healthy diet and workout routine. If you expect to see results, stick to the regimen—Don’t skip days!

When in doubt, follow the Hourglass Fit user guidelines—the formulation is specifically designed to help you lose weight, but only if applied as intended.

Price & availability

Many weight-loss supplement brands offer a subscription membership to prevent you from skipping days because your supply ran out. Unfortunately, Hourglass Fit does not offer this payment model. However, they offer several packages depending on your needs: 


Price (USD)

Number of Capsule

Price per Capsule (USD)

Hourglass Fit 1 Month




Hourglass Fit 2 Month




Ultimate Slim (4 month




Buying bulk with the Ultimate Slim package is the best bang for your buck. You’ll receive an extra free bottle with your order—giving you $60 in savings for a 4-month supply. 

You can only purchase this product on the manufacturer’s website or Amazon listing. This protects you against third-party scammers from selling you fake copies of the product.

Hourglass Fit ships internationally through FedEx or USPS for US residents. Still, the company’s shipping motto is: “if you live in a country with a local postal service, we can send it to you.” However, confirm with Hourglass Fit’s shipping and returns guidelines before finalizing your purchase.

Best alternatives for Hourglass Fit

We believe that Hourglass fit is an excellent contender in today’s competitive weight loss supplement market. However, if you feel that this product doesn’t offer all the features you are looking for, there are several other excellent women-centric options to choose from:


  • Boosts focus and energy
  • Contains over 10+ natural ingredients
  • Suppresses appetite and cravings
  • Normalizes blood glucose levels
  • Improves fat metabolism
  • Reduces fatigue
  • Vegan-friendly
  • Gender-specific formulation


  • Some users experience mild side effects (bloating, headache)
  • Delayed results for some people
  • Contains stimulants
  • Only available on the company website


  • Blocks production of new fat deposits
  • Suppresses appetite and cravings
  • Improves mood and energy
  • Made of all-natural ingredients
  • Excellent bulk-order deals
  • Free shipping on all orders
  • Made in FDA and GMP-registered facilities


  • Expensive
  • Inconsistent results reported by users
  • Contains stimulants
  • Gender-neutral formulation
  • Only available on the company website

Ultra Omega Burn


  • Suppresses appetite and cravings
  • Contains all-natural ingredients
  • Improves skin, hair, and nail health.
  • Improves digestion
  • Regulates cholesterol and blood sugar
  • Inexpensive


  • Results may vary between individuals
  • Can cause side effects in some users (headaches, dizziness, fatigue, hair loss, mood swings, muscle loss, constipation)
  • Contains stimulants
  • Only available on the company website


Hourglass Fit offers a great blend of quality, natural ingredients, affordability, performance, and customer satisfaction. Considering the flooded weight-loss supplement market where most options are stimulant-heavy and gender-neutral, a caffeine-free formulation designed specifically for women is a much-needed deviation from the norm.

Hourglass Fit FAQ 

What is Hourglass Fit?

Hourglass Fit is a natural, stimulant-free weight loss supplement for women to improve energy levels and your body’s natural ability to shed excess weight

How does Hourglass Fit work?

It supports your diet plan and exercise regime by suppressing your appetite, eliminating cravings, increasing your metabolism, improving your nutrient and energy levels, and boosting your body’s ability to consume fat.

Why should you use Hourglass Fit? 

Hourglass Fit offers fast, effective weight loss results with minimal commitment and zero side effects. Its natural, stimulant-free recipe made of herbal ingredients, vitamins, and minerals provides everything you need to support your weight loss journey.

Does Hourglass Fit have any side effects?

Hourglass fit contains all-natural ingredients found in many common foods. However, the concentrations used in this recipe are much higher than those found naturally in food. Thus, some people have reported mild gastrointestinal issues and migraines. For example, some users have reported that glucomannan—a primary active component in Hourglass fit—can cause bloating.

How do you take Hourglass Fit?

We recommend taking four capsules daily—one before breakfast, two before lunch, and one before dinner. Take each dose with a full glass of water and 30min before your next meal to give the active ingredients time to awaken. If you’re a first-time user, you may want to start slow and give your body time to adjust by only taking 1-2 supplements a day for the first week.

Does Hourglass fit work?

Yes! The Hourglass Fit is an excellent addition to an active, healthy lifestyle. Its appetite suppression mechanism works wonders to prevent snacking between meals and stifle unwanted sugar cravings. It also boasts a healthy dose of B vitamins and pepper extracts to keep your energy levels and motivation high while your calorie intake is low.

About the Author Tim Rockwell

Tim Rockwell is a highly skilled and knowledgeable fitness expert. With a background in exercise science and years of experience in the fitness industry, Tim is passionate about sharing his expertise with others through his writing. He currently contributes articles to Eurasc, where he shares practical tips and strategies for leading a healthy, active lifestyle.

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