Testosterone is a well-known hormone and is especially important for men’s health. It affects everything from libido to bone density to muscle growth and many other functions our bodies perform. The most common issues with testosterone arise because testosterone levels drop as men age. 

Therefore, there are tons of different supplements designed to help raise testosterone. Two of the most popular supplements are TestoPrime and Testo-Max.

What Are TestoPrime and Testo-Max?


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TestoPrime is marketed as a testosterone booster. Unlike artificial testosterone, it simply boosts testosterone production in the body. It’s made with natural ingredients that may help improve natural testosterone levels. It also includes several vitamins, which may help with deficiencies linked to or caused by low testosterone. 


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Testo-Max falls into the category of natural testosterone boosters as well. Its formula contains natural, legal ingredients that may help boost your testosterone levels by stimulating T production. Technically, it was made to mirror Sustanon, an illegal but popular steroid that increases testosterone.

What Companies Manufacture Them?

Wolfson Brands Limited makes Testoprime. This company has many other supplements and health products, too. They’re partners with several magazines and other companies from the fitness industry, making them one of the biggest fitness supplement brands in the industry. 

On the other hand, CrazyBulk makes TestoMax. They’re a slightly smaller company mainly focusing on bodybuilding and similar activities. The fact that the company is smaller doesn’t necessarily imply that its product is lacking, though. CrazyBulk has a decent track record, but we’re here to compare the two options and determine what makes them unique.

The Benefits of These Supplements


Overall, TestoPrime is made to raise testosterone, so most of its benefits relate to that increase. The increase will vary from person to person, depending on the state of their body before they start taking the supplement. Sometimes the discrepancies will also depend on how long they take the supplement and what kind of lifestyle the user has. 

If you experience a significant enough increase, you can expect increased muscle mass, reduced fat levels, and improved mood. 

The company claims that users also may experience endurance boosts, improved blood flow, and similar benefits. Customers report different effects, ranging from improved workouts to increased sexual function.


Generally, Testo-Max is very similar to TestoPrime. After all, it is also designed to increase the amount of testosterone your body makes. Therefore, assuming you see an increase, the benefits will be similar. 

For instance, you can expect increased muscle mass, improved endurance, better sleep, a healthier sex life, and elevated mood. However, it is important to note that many of these effects are linked to increasing testosterone within normal ranges. Having too much testosterone is just as bad as having too little. 

Luckily, this supplement likely won’t increase your testosterone that much.

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Both of these supplements are tied regarding their benefits. You can expect them to provide the same benefits if you use them properly. After all, they’re both designed to increase your testosterone.

These products are both aimed to provide similar benefits to men who are experiencing the effects of low T. Keep in mind that this is only effective on people who don’t suffer from an extreme lack of testosterone. Supplements won’t help you with that, and you’ll need to talk to a physician to find a solution to severe cases of T deficiency.

Simply put, they’re supplements – not testosterone replacement therapy.


Common Ingredients

Fenugreek is a popular testosterone-boosting ingredient. It’s one of the ingredients whose effects are backed by plenty of clinical studies. Due to these reasons, TestoPrime and Testo-Max include it in their formula. 

Both formulas also include D-aspartic acid – another common ingredient in testosterone-boosting supplements. This ingredient performs well in animal studies, but human studies have been inconclusive

Ginseng is included in each supplement, too. This ingredient doesn’t have many studies backing its effects performed on humans, but it has produced positive results in animal studies

A type of black pepper extract is included in both, too. This ingredient doesn’t increase testosterone; however, it makes it easier for the body to absorb the other ingredients in the supplement. 

They both also include zinc. This mineral is necessary for normal body function and is thought to play a significant role in testosterone production. Therefore, if you’re low in zinc, your testosterone may also be low. 

Each supplement also includes vitamin D and several B vitamins. These also combat deficiencies that can negatively impact testosterone production.

TestoPrime Unique Ingredients

  • Green Tea

    TestoPrime includes green tea extract. While green tea extract is often advertised as a healthy food, it may actually decrease testosterone production while, at the same time, it may increase sperm quality. The effects are a bit conflicting but it is highly unlikely that it will reduce your testosterone as a part of this mix.

  • Ashwagandha

    This supplement also includes Ashwagandha, which is backed by tons of research. In fact, it’s one of the few ingredients with detailed research backing it up. However, current research hasn’t included very large sample sizes

  • Garlic

    Garlic extract is also included in TestoPrime’s formula. This supplement may increase testosterone in the testicles, which might increase overall testosterone, too. However, there isn’t much research on this extract. 

  • Pomegranate

    Pomegranate extract surprisingly has a lot of studies covering its relationship to testosterone. It has been found to enhance testosterone in both men and women while also improving mood and overall health. 

Testo-Max Unique Ingredients

  • Magnesium

    Testo-Max doesn’t include many unique ingredients. It does include magnesium, which may help raise testosterone levels in athletes. It may also help improve testosterone amounts in sedentary males. However, the effect will likely be lower. 

  • Boron

    Boron is also included, which isn’t added to TestoPrime. This ingredient reduces the level of bonded testosterone, which may increase free testosterone levels. Because free testosterone is what causes many of the benefits we associate with testosterone, this may help men with low testosterone symptoms. 

  • Vitamin K

    The last unique ingredient is vitamin K. This vitamin may play a role in testosterone production. However, we need more research to know for sure, as most of the currently available studies have been performed on animal subjects. Therefore, while it does increase testosterone in rats, we don’t know if the same can be said for people.

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Both of these supplements came very close in this category. In the end, different people will react to the included ingredients differently. Therefore, the best way to determine which will work best for you is to try them both. For this reason, it is difficult to determine a clear winner. 

However, TestoPrime does have more scientifically-backed ingredients. For instance, it includes ashwagandha, which has quite a bit of research to back it up. Testo-Max doesn’t include this ingredient, which is surprising given the scientific evidence that indicates its effectiveness.

Who Are These Supplements Intended For?


TestoPrime is designed for men looking to raise their testosterone levels naturally. It is very popular with users looking to gain muscle mass, but that isn’t its only purpose. So even if you aren’t very active, you may find this supplement effective but keep in mind that all testosterone boosters work best in combination with resistance or HIIT training and a healthy diet.

Furthermore, this supplement includes a lot of science-backed ingredients. Therefore, we highly recommend it to anyone who hasn’t tried other supplements previously.  You simply eliminate the guessing game from the entire process and can see if you are benefiting from this kind of supplement or not.


Testo-Max is specifically designed as a replacement for Sustanon, which is a steroid that increases testosterone. As you’d guess, this supplement is aimed more toward bodybuilders and similar individuals. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it will work better for these individuals – that’s just how it is marketed. 

This supplement does include many ingredients outside of the industry norm. Therefore, if you’ve tried other testosterone boosters and they haven’t worked, you may want to consider using this one instead. While not impressively backed by clinical studies, these ingredients may hit a bit differently and help outliers that don’t get any effects from more standard T boosters.

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TestoPrime is marketed towards a bigger audience than Testo-Max, which is specifically advertised as a replacement for illegal steroids. However, this is how the supplements are marketed – not a representation of how they actually work. 

In many cases, we expect TestoPrime to work best for most individuals. After all, it has more scientifically-backed ingredients. However, if you find these usual ingredients don’t work for you, you may want to try Testo-Max, as it works for all individuals, despite its marketing. 

Regardless of which you choose, do give the supplement enough time to work. You may need to take them for as long as three months to notice clear effects and their instructions warn you of this upfront.

Possible Side Effects


Because TestoPrime is only a T booster, it shouldn’t raise your testosterone over normal levels. It only increases the amount of testosterone you make naturally. Your body can only make so much, so you don’t have to worry about “overdosing” on testosterone. 

This supplement may cause some upset stomach and similar digestive symptoms when taken on an empty stomach. However, taking it with food should seriously improve this side effect. 

Be sure to check the ingredients of any other supplements you take. While TestoPrime includes safe levels of vitamins, some can cause harmful side effects if you take over the recommended dose.


There aren’t any notable side effects of Testo-Max, either. The only major side effect is the possibility of an allergic reaction. However, this is true for nearly any supplement or medication. You shouldn’t take it if you’ve had allergic reactions to any of the ingredients. With that said, Testo-Max claims that there aren’t any other potential side effects. Some of the ingredients may be linked to nausea and similar digestive problems, but this is true for many supplements. Taking them with food can help limit these symptoms.

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Both of these supplements cause similar side effects. We recommend taking both with food to prevent potential nausea. If you still have stomach upset, Testo-Max has lower amounts of the ingredients commonly associated with nausea.

Customer Reviews and Impressions


TestoPrime has pretty average reviews, but many customers claimed that the supplement improved their testosterone levels. Some had tests done to check for these levels, while others simply felt better after taking this supplement. Reviews can be tricky for this category of products as the commitment to taking the product — many expect immediate results and call it quits after a month or so. 

We have no way to check that they took the supplement correctly or indications of how long they took the supplement before giving up. However, different people will react differently to the ingredients, and you will need to test the product to see if it is beneficial to you.


Testo-Max has slightly better customer reviews than TestoPrime. More individuals claimed that it worked for them, which may indicate that this supplement works better for most people. However, it is also important to note that this supplement is more likely to be taken by athletes and active men, as that’s to whom it is marketed. 

Still, the reviews are very positive, indicating that this supplement works in many cases.

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Testo-Max came out on top in this category. It simply has better reviews than TestoPrime, making it easy to call it the objective winner. However, customer reviews are notoriously hard to look at objectively. After all, we don’t know who is more likely to take which supplement, how the reviewers took the supplement, or for how long they took the supplement.

For these reasons, customer reviews give you a good idea of which is better. However, they aren’t the only thing you should look at.

Price and Packages Available


TestoPrime offers several different purchase options. A one-month supply is $60 plus shipping and taxes. You can also purchase a three-month supply and a five-month supply. The bigger the purchase, the less the price per pill. For instance, the three-month supply is $120. Therefore, if you purchase the three-month supply, you basically get a month for free. 

The five-month supply is similar. You basically get two months for free when you compare the prices. Therefore, you can save a lot by purchasing more at a time. You also get some free things, such as guides and cookbooks, as bonus gifts to help you commit to a T-level improvement.


Testo-Max costs $65 a bottle. Furthermore, you can also purchase several months for free. Their three-month pack is $130, which is priced similarly to TestoPrime’s bundle. Generally, Testo-Max costs just a bit more than TestoPrime. 

Furthermore, Testo-Max also only provides single bottles or a three-month supply. You cannot purchase anything larger than that, meaning their bundle options are a bit limited. They also don’t provide any guides or free items with bulk orders.

Section Winner

TestoPrime is the winner in this category. The supplement is cheaper and more bundle options are available. You may also receive free items, depending on the bundle you purchase. Therefore, it is the clear winner. However, it isn’t that much cheaper. Price shouldn’t be a major factor for this reason.

Final Verdict: TestoPrime

While these supplements are extremely similar, TestoPrime pushes Testo-Max out. They’re better (though slightly) in several categories. They offer more bundle options at a lower price, their ingredients are a bit more scientifically backed, and TestoPrime is also made for the average person, as well as those involved in weight lifting. 

However, TestoPrime barely wins in most categories. Therefore, while it may be a slightly better option, Testo-Max still works well in many cases. For this reason, consider using TestoPrime first. If you don’t like the results, consider Testo-Max instead.

Editor's Pick: TestoPrime

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