Testosterone has an important role in the development of male features, sexual function, strength, muscle, and bone mass. As men age, they experience a drop in testosterone levels, especially when they venture over the age of 30. According to studies, testosterone levels drop approximately 1.6% per year after the age of thirty. Testosterone boosters are one of the most effective solutions to combat low testosterone levels.

Below we expand on testosterone booster effects, benefits, side effects, and more:

What are Testosterone Boosters?

Testosterone boosters are supplements that are specifically formulated to increase testosterone production. These supplements typically contain a set of natural ingredients that are seamlessly blended to produce a set of effects that are beneficial to users with low testosterone. Boosters do not introduce the testosterone hormone itself into the body. Instead, it accelerates testosterone production. 

This approach is safe and naturally brings testosterone levels to their peak without adverse effects. It also helps keep levels at their peak, which assists users in achieving long-term results. Boosters also reverse the symptoms of low testosterone while providing the body with several other benefits that give the user an overall boost. This is an excellent feature that supports successful outcomes.

Below are some of the most popular testosterone boosters on the market:

What Ingredients do they Commonly Contain?

Ingredients are, of course, the primary component of any treatment, and boosters are no exception. The ingredients used in testosterone boosters differ from brand to brand, but some key ingredients are used more often than others. This is because these ingredients can produce effects that properly support the growth of testosterone and combat low T associated symptoms.

Let's look at some of the common ingredients testosterone boosters contain:

  • Fenugreek

    Fenugreek is a natural herb that increases the body's free testosterone. It stops the sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG) from binding with testosterone which means the hormone is more concentrated and freely present in the body. The herb can improve testosterone levels by up to 90%. 

  • Zinc

    This vitamin helps the body increase its natural testosterone production by supporting higher volumes of luteinizing hormone (LH). LH plays a supportive role in sexual development, functioning and helps the testes create testosterone. 

  • D-aspartic acid

    D-aspartic acid is an amino acid that stimulates testosterone production and increases the amount of human growth hormone (HGH) in the body. It also supports the development of muscle mass. 

  • Ashwagandha

    This ingredient helps to increase the production of testosterone and promotes the number or amount of sperm men produce. It also helps build muscle mass and promotes strength, further enhancing testosterone levels. 

  • Ginseng

    Ginseng naturally elevates testosterone levels pushing them to peaks. It supports better energy levels, promotes better libidos, and corrects erectile issues, common symptoms of low testosterone.

Do they have any Side Effects?

Natural testosterone boosters typically carry a low side effect rate due to their composition. A low rate simply means the possibility of experiencing adverse effects is rare; however, this doesn't mean it's impossible. So, it's important to identify and understand them. 

Below we list common side effects that may occur when using testosterone boosters:

  • Gas
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Dizziness
  • Digestive Distress

These side effects are typically mild and short-lived. This means that their effects do not discourage the use of the product. However, if any adverse effects become unbearable, we suggest discontinuing use until an appropriate alternative is found. 

What are the Benefits of Using them?

At the outset, the benefits of testosterone boosters seem pretty obvious and straightforward. However, their effects go far beyond this. Testosterone boosters contain a blend of ingredients whose primary effects accelerate testosterone production. The enhancement of testosterone levels benefits the body in several ways. 

Let's look at some of them below:

Improved muscle mass growth and strength

By improving the levels of testosterone in the body, boosters help improve muscle mass development, functionality, and strength. This helps users take on more physically, creating a cycle that supports the maintenance of optimal testosterone levels.

Promotes physical and mental energy 

As testosterone levels reach their peak, feelings of fatigue begin to fade, and energy levels start to rise. Better energy levels support a more productive and efficient lifestyle. It also helps users stay more active, which helps testosterone levels remain stable. 

Positive changes in mood and confidence

An improved mood has a domino effect on both mental and physical health. It reduces stress and ensures that the body and mind are functioning at an acceptable rate. This helps testosterone levels to remain in the green. 

Decreases body fat percentage

Regulated testosterone levels increase the number of calories the body burns, which decreases body fat percentages. This improves physical functionality and eliminates risks of disease development. This benefit also decreases strain on blood vessels and improves blood flow throughout the body, leading to improved cognition. 

Enhanced libido and sexual desire

Better testosterone levels improve sexual functionality by enhancing libido levels. A healthy sex life has multiple health benefits, such as improved heart health, immune system, blood pressure, self-esteem, moods, and more.

The blend of ingredients in testosterone boosters also bridges nutritional gaps, which also benefits users.

How to Boost their Effectiveness

Testosterone boosters have quite an impressive efficacy profile and are very effective in their primary mission of elevating testosterone levels. Although they can fully execute their function independently, doing a few things to help them along does wonders. After sifting through research and reviews, we found that the effectiveness of testosterone boosters can be maximized by making slight lifestyle changes.

Let's look at some we can do to boost the effectiveness of testosterone boosters:

Diet changes

Swap out unhealthy eating and fats for healthier alternatives. Adding beneficial foods such as avocados, eggs, and leafy greens to your diet that naturally elevate testosterone levels can enhance the effects of the testosterone booster being used.

More exercise

According to studies, a combination of short cardio and strength training exercises naturally increases testosterone levels. 

Sleep well 

Research shows that testosterone levels are naturally restored through regular sleeping patterns, so getting enough sleep can ensure that testosterone production while we sleep is not disrupted. Getting enough sleep reduces stress and other factors negatively affecting testosterone levels.

Avoid overconsumption of tobacco and alcohol

Studies show that both alcohol and tobacco have a negative effect on testosterone production. Overconsumption can drastically affect the hormones' presence in the body. 

Who Are Testosterone Boosters Intended For?

Boosters also aim to manage symptoms of low testosterone in users that are younger than 30. In essence, testosterone boosters are intended to treat all men (18+) who are experiencing symptoms of low testosterone. However, their primary target market is men over 30 as testosterone levels start to decline at this point and continue to drop as men age.  

Low testosterone manifests noticeable symptoms. Let's look at some of them below:

  • Unexplained intense mood swings;
  • Extreme loss of focus, inability to concentrate; 
  • Undue stress, sleep issues, and energy depletion;
  • Diminished sex drive, no desire to engage in sexual intercourse;
  • Unreasonable weight gain, especially in certain areas like the belly; 
  • A sudden loss of muscle mass, strength, decreased functionality, and difficulty in building muscle. 

For those experiencing any of the symptoms mentioned above, testosterone boosters are intended for you. 

Testosterone Boosters Vs. Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Testosterone boosters and testosterone replacement therapy are two of the most common ways to correct testosterone decline. Although the two solutions were essentially created with the same goal in mind, they do differ quite a bit. 

Testosterone boosters are OTC (over-the-counter) supplements. They are non-invasive and contain herbal extracts, essential nutrients, and other natural components that can boost testosterone production. They also supply users with other benefits that improve overall health.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT), on the other hand, is a range of prescription treatments that are synthetically based. These treatments can be invasive or non-invasive, depending on the type of TRT solution used.

Below we look at the pros and cons linked to testosterone boosters and TRT: 

Testosterone Boosters


  • Reduced side effects.
  • Wide range of auxiliary benefits.
  • Good safety and tolerability profile
  • Naturally increases testosterone levels.
  • Reverses symptoms of low testosterone.
  • No prescriptions or doctor visits required.


  • Not FDA approved.
  • Continuous use needed.
  • Proprietary blends (unknown dosage amounts) in some boosters.
  • It might not be cost-effective.
  • Effects take a while to show.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy


  • FDA approved.
  • Physician monitored.
  • Quick testosterone boost.
  • Provides additional benefits that reverse symptoms of low testosterone. 


  • Requires a prescription, professional diagnosis needed for use.
  • Potential risks, side effects, and contraindications are highly possible.
  • Weekly or daily administration (injections, topical, oral) needed.
  • Follow-up blood testing needed.

Both options here have an excellent efficacy profile. However, testosterone boosters tend to take a little longer to produce noticeable results. Nevertheless, we found that testosterone boosters have a better safety and tolerability profile. Testosterone boosters are completely non-invasive, have fewer side effects linked to their use, and can be safely used for extended periods. In our opinion, this makes it a better choice.


After looking at the properties and effects of several testosterone boosters, we found that this range of supplements is very effective in promoting testosterone levels. Although their effects take a while to activate in the body, this shouldn’t be considered a downside, as testosterone boosting is best done gradually. These supplements also cater to different user types and treatment plans. 

This means they are more flexible and great for long or short-term use. We attribute this feature to their natural composition and seamless blending. Besides catering to multiple user demographics, testosterone boosters also have an excellent safety and tolerability profile, making them a great option for testosterone boosting and maintenance.

About the Author Tim Rockwell

Tim Rockwell is a highly skilled and knowledgeable fitness expert. With a background in exercise science and years of experience in the fitness industry, Tim is passionate about sharing his expertise with others through his writing. He currently contributes articles to Eurasc, where he shares practical tips and strategies for leading a healthy, active lifestyle.

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