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Studying sounds like quite a straightforward task, but the action requires the assistance of a network of neurotransmitters that work together to ensure that the information is efficiently grasped, absorbed, and shared. Although the brain fairs well in carrying out these processes, it sometimes needs a boost to ensure optimum functioning. Nootropics can be used long- and short-term to streamline thinking, focus, memory, and more, which helps enhance the studying process. 

Below we expand on the capabilities and properties of the best nootropics created for studying:

Best Nootropics for studying



Best for Studying, memory and learning



Best for memory and learning

Mind Lab Pro

Best for mental clarity


Alpha Brain

Best for improving mental processes


qualia mind

Best for enhancing overall cognition

1. Feedamind: Best Overall for Studying, Focus, and Memory

Developed by an Ireland-based company, Feedamind is a nootropic supplement with a well-researched and filler-free formula designed to boost cognitive performance and overall mental wellness.

Comprised of 13 carefully selected ingredients, Feedamind not only provides relief from ADHD symptoms but also promotes a driven focus and balanced mood, making it ideal for workouts, studying, or office work. The supplement is effective in alleviating daily stress without causing any side effects.

Feedamind's unique formula features specific doses of each compound to ensure optimal benefits without any unnecessary additives. This rigorously researched nootropic provides improved focus, reduced anxiety, and enhanced mental energy for individuals seeking to maintain their cognitive health.


  • Rigorously researched, filler-free formula
  • Enhances focus, balanced mood, and mental energy
  • Helps relieve ADHD symptoms effectively and safely
  • Reduces brain fog, stress and increases motivation
  • All-natural ingredients with no side effects


  • Availability may be limited in some regions

Feedamind is an excellent choice for anyone looking to improve focus, achieve a balanced mood, and boost memory. With all-natural ingredients like Bacopa Monnieri, Lutein, L-Theanine, L-Tyrosine, Resveratrol, and Oat Straw, this nootropic supplement is designed to provide powerful cognitive benefits without any harmful side effects. Give your brain the support it needs with Feedamind, the best overall nootropic for studying and mental performance.

2. NooCube: Best for Memory and Learning

Created by Wolfson Brands Ltd, NooCube is an all-natural brain-boosting supplement that aims to improve complete cognition.

The formula was created using a blend of vitamins, minerals, and nootropic compounds which naturally accelerates mental speed and memory. 

It does this while providing the body and mind with nutritional support that restores deficiencies.

The supplement also contains Cats Claw and L-theanine, herbal extracts which increase mental/physical energy while promoting wakefulness. We find that these effects are ideal for those who are studying. NooCube claims to improve cerebral blood flow, contributing to better focus, alertness, and reduced brain fog. The blend also increases feelings of motivation and calm, which make study goals more achievable.


  • All natural formula
  • Improves energy, wakefulness, focus
  • Enhances overall cognition and mental processing
  • Reduces brain fog, stress and increases motivation


  • The recommended doses cannot be altered
  • Contains a proprietary blend—lowered efficacy, increased chance of side effects

3. Mind Lab Pro: Best for Mental Clarity

MindLab Pro is a universal nootropic that was created using natural ingredients that improve mental processing and cognition.

The product uses clinically approved doses of ingredients like  L-Tyrosine and Rhodiola Rosea, among others, to enhance mental and physical energy.

This means the product works as a holistic aid to the brain and body.

We found that the product improves focus, memory, and learning, which are the core components of studying, making it an apt choice. The formula reduces brain fog, increasing mental clarity. This allows users to retain more information without experiencing mental obstacles. MindLab Pro also carries neuroprotective properties, which safeguard the brain from damage and oxidative stress. 


  • Increases focus, energy, and motivation levels
  • Clean formula that optimizes all cognitive functions
  • Improves memory, learning, mental/physical energy
  • Neuroprotective benefits that prevent cognitive decline


  • It cannot be used continuously on a stretch—cycling use is necessary
  • Dosing schedules must be strictly followed

4. Alpha Brain: Best for Improving Mental Processes

Alpha Brain is a nootropic aid designed by Onnit. The supplement was created using natural ingredients such as Alpha GPC and Bacopa to boost mental speed, enhance memory, and facilitate better moods.

The product improves flow state and executive functioning, which we found is especially helpful with studying as it helps users stay attentive and in the 'zone' for longer.

Alpha Brain improves planning and organizing skills, another benefit that can positively benefit those burning the midnight oil. The supplement also produces amphetamine-like energy-boosting effects, giving users the edge they need to go the extra mile. The blend also has nutritional benefits, which contribute to holistic results.

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  • Improves focus, memory, motivation
  • Provides users with potent energy boosts
  • Supplies the body with nutritional benefits
  • Enhances flow state and executive functioning


  • The product cannot be used by women who are nursing/pregnant
  • Use can only be combined with products by Onnit

5. Qualia Mind: Best for Enhancing Overall Cognition 

Qualia Mind, a supplement from the Neurohacker Collection, is a product that was created to enhance cognitive performance.

After taking a closer look at the product, we found that the different ingredients in the Qualia formula aim to enhance various mental processes.

The product contains natural ingredients such as Taurine and Acetyl-L-Carnitine, which provide the brain with nutrition while fueling concentration, mental energy, and clarity. 

The product also supports adaptive mental change while protecting the brain from damage, fatigue, and brain fog. The formula expands mental endurance, learning, and memory capacities, all while building walls up against stress and distractions, which we think greatly benefits study sessions.


  • Enhances focus, concentration
  • Protects users from brain damage
  • Improves mental clarity, endurance, and memory
  • Eliminates stress, distractions, brain fog, and fatigue


  • Sensitive users are prone to side effects
  • Consistent long-term use may lower its effectiveness

6. Thesis: Best for Increasing Mental Energy

Thesis is a customizable nootropic supplement that allows consumers to choose a nootropic stack/formula that best suits their needs.

The brand has over a dozen natural nootropic agents on file and uses a questionnaire to determine the best blend for users.

The 5 Thesis blends include Creativity, Clarity, Motivation, Energy, and Logic. Each one of these blends, of course, improve and enhance specific mental functions.

In addition to improving these 5 primary mental processes, the blends also increase decision-making, focus, and more. All blends have potent energy-boosting effects that accommodate long study periods without fatigue. It also reduces the possibility of anxiety, brain fog, and other mental obstacles that might hinder optimum brain function. We find that these benefits can be useful for those under academic pressure.


  • Natural formulas with no proprietary blends
  • Improves overall brain function and cognition
  • Customizable blends—your exact cognitive needs are catered


  • Improper combination can result in side effects
  • It can rarely be stacked with other products


When it comes to studying, the products above definitely have the ability to give you the boost you need to achieve your academic goals. After analyzing each product, we found that they all contain a nootropic stack perfectly suited to improve mental processing and abilities that are pivotal to learning. The options above also produce effects that enhance motivation which we think is a great benefit for those studying in any capacity. In our opinion, any one of these choices would be the ideal option. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Which nootropic ingredients are best for studying?

There are several hundred nootropic agents on the market that can enhance cognitive function and mental processes that help with studying in some way. However, some ingredients are more effective than others. These include Taurine, Acetyl-L-Carnitine, Alpha GPC, Bacopa, L-Tyrosine, Rhodiola Rosea, Cats Claw, and L-theanine.

What core benefits should I look for in a nootropic that I want to use for studying?

When looking at benefits, we suggest opting for a nootropic supplement that produces effects that improve mental speed/energy, learning, memory, focus, and concentration. Choosing a supplement that eliminates brain fog, fatigue, and stress would also be advantageous, as these elements fuel inconsistency/distractions.

Can I use multiple nootropic products together for an enhanced effect?

Yes, you can. Multiple nootropic products can be used together only if they are compatible with each other and there are no interacting ingredients in their formulas.

Will consistent nootropic use produce permanent effects?

No. Consistent use will not provide permanent results as all nootropic agents temporarily affect brain function. Their effects are only experienced for the duration of time they are consumed.

Are the effects of nootropic supplements seen immediately?

Some nootropics have short onset of action timeframes, which means their effects can be experienced shortly after they consume a dose, while others require perpetual use for effects to be produced or noticeable.

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