Recognizing that you are in the throes of a testosterone deficiency is an important first step to fixing the problem. The next decision is determining what the best product to fix it is. Testogen and Hunter Test are two of the more popular brands in the testosterone supplement space. If you have to choose between them, which one should you go for? Read on to find out.

Distinct features


4.8 / 5

Best Testosteron Boosters 2023
  • Available in both pill and rapidly absorbed oral drop form.
  • Supports muscle growth.
  • Accelerates fat loss.

Hunter Test

4 / 5

  • High quantity of ingredients per serving.
  • Suitable for both men and women.
  • Grows strength and muscle mass.

What is Testogen?

Testogen is a testosterone booster that makes the bold claim of reversing the symptoms of testosterone decline. While the claim is unproven, it is perhaps a testament to the manufacturer's confidence in the product. Testogen is made from nearly a dozen ingredients that are clinically tested and have a history of widespread use. It improves libido, vitality, energy levels, fat loss, muscle development, and thought clarity. Since it was rolled out in 2004, the product has attracted over 100,000 buyers.

Best Testosteron Boosters 2023

As with most testosterone supplements, Testogen comes in capsule form. One of its distinguishing features, though, is that it’s also available in oral drops. Testogen Instant Testosterone Booster drops get into your bloodstream much quicker than the capsule version. The result is a faster rise in testosterone levels. Testogen oral drops are ideal for instances where you need a rapid surge in testosterone, like during a pre-workout, an unusually long work day, and late night or early morning activities. Note that the oral drops complement the Testogen capsules – they are not to be used as a replacement for the pills.

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  • Improves libido, vitality, and energy levels.
  • Supports muscle growth.
  • Accelerates fat loss.
  • Oral drops complement the pills and are absorbed quicker for a faster increase in free testosterone.
  • Manufactured in FDA-acceptable and GMP-certified facilities in the US and UK.


  • To work, Testogen must be combined with positive lifestyle habits comprising adequate rest, regular exercise and healthy diet.

What is Hunter Test?

Hunter Test is a testosterone supplement whose primary selling point is the high quantity of testosterone-enhancing ingredients. And it’s not just that they recommend six pills per day, which is higher than most supplements in its class — Hunter Test has a higher amount of ingredients per serving when compared to peer products. Its science-backed ingredients are formulated to boost testosterone levels, reignite masculinity and reverse symptoms of testosterone decline. Symptom reversal is, however, an unproven claim. 

What is proven, though, is that with Hunter Test, you get improved strength, muscle growth, energy levels, libido, endurance, and motivation. Unlike some testosterone boosters, Hunter Test is suitable for use by both men and women. It ensures that the time and effort you put into working out and eating healthy delivers maximum impact in the shortest time. 

Hunter Test is made by Roar Ambition.


  • Unusually high quantity of testosterone-enhancing ingredients per serving.
  • Grows strength and muscle mass.
  • Lifts libido, energy levels, endurance and motivation.
  • Suitable for both men and women.
  • Made in FDA-acceptable and cGMP-compliant facilities in the US and UK.


  • Capsule made from gelatin. Not suitable for vegans.
  • High number of pills per daily serving (six). Uncomfortable for anyone who has trouble swallowing pills.
  • To work, Hunter Test must be combined with positive lifestyle habits comprising adequate rest, regular exercise and healthy diet.

Shared Ingredients


Testogen Dose

Hunter Test Dose

Vitamin D3

50 mcg (2,000 IU)

125 mcg (5,000 IU)


200 mg

200 mg


10 mg

30 mg

D-aspartic acid

2,352 mg

3,000 mg

Panax ginseng

40 mg

300 mg


8 mg

10 mg

With the exception of magnesium where the two products are tied, Hunter Test has a greater quantity of all shared ingredients.

The most significant ingredient gaps between the two products are panax ginseng, where Hunter Test has 650% more, zinc (200% more), and vitamin D3 (150% more). Panax ginseng enhances sexual health, zinc improves testosterone production, and vitamin D3 strengthens bones. 

It has 27% more d-aspartic acid (D-AA) and 25% more boron, but this represents a relatively small difference. D-AA is a mainstay of testosterone supplements for its ability to support the production of the vital luteinizing hormone (LH). Boron inhibits estrogen production. Both products have an identical quantity of testosterone-boosting magnesium per daily serving.

Testogen unique ingredients

  • Fenugreek  

    Herb containing medicinal compounds known to naturally boost testosterone production, increase metabolism, improve libido, support sexual health, firm up physical strength, burn extra fat, lift energy levels and elevate mood.

  • Stinging Nettle Root Extract 

    Contains the compound ligans that prevent sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) from latching onto free testosterone, which would otherwise render the testosterone unusable.

  • Vitamin B6 

     Improves testosterone production, energy levels, and mood.

  • Vitamin K1  
  • Black pepper 

    Enhances the body’s absorption of Testogen’s ingredients (by up to 30 %).

Hunter Test unique ingredients

  • Ashwagandha 

    Ayurvedic herb whose root extract has adaptogenic and antioxidant compounds that boost testosterone levels and fertility.

  • Vitamin K2 

    Enhances the body’s absorption of Hunter Test’s vitamin D3 ingredient.

  • Indole-3-Carbinol 

     Inhibits aromatase, an enzyme that converts testosterone to estrogen.

Side effects

Neither Hunter Test nor Testogen have known side effects. Still, reactions to each ingredient may vary from one person to the next. Talk to your healthcare professional before you use a testosterone supplement. This is especially important if you have a prostate illness, a heart disease, are on medication, or are under 18. 

Prices and offers



Price (USD)

Capsules and Shipping

Multi-buy and combo-buy discounts (for two or more bottles of Testogen or at least one bottle of Testogen and one of Testogen drops each). 

$59.99 per bottle

120 capsules for 30 days, Free worldwide shipping.

Return Policy

100-day money-back guarantee.

Hunter Test


Price (USD)

Capsules and Shipping

Multi-buy discounts (for three or more bottles of Hunter Test). 

$90 per bottle

180 capsules for 30 days. Free shipping to the US and UK (for orders of two or more bottles).

Return Policy

No money-back guarantee. Refund on unopened bottles only within 30 days (for North America deliveries) and 14 days (for the rest of the world).


Testogen outscores Hunter Test on virtually every pricing-related metric. It costs less per 30-day bottle, has discounts starting at orders of two bottles, offers free shipping worldwide, and has an industry-leading 100-day money-back guarantee.


If you ever have to choose between Testogen and Hunter Test, Testogen does seem to be the better option.

It has far less quantities of shared ingredients than Hunter Test per serving for Asian ginseng, vitamin D3 and zinc. However, it has the same or nearly the same amounts for the testosterone-crucial d-aspartic acid, boron and magnesium. Importantly, Testogen has fenugreek and stinging nettle root extracts which further enhances its testosterone edge over Hunter Test.

While Testogen is available in standard pill form, it has an oral drops version as well for quicker absorption.

Pricewise, Testogen costs less per 30-day dose, has discounts starting at orders of two bottles, offers free shipping worldwide and has a bold 100-day money back guarantee.

Editor's Pick: Testogen

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