Realizing you have a testosterone deficiency is one thing, but knowing which product is most effective to sort it out is another. Testosterone-boosting supplements such as Prime Male and TestoGen are natural aids that can restore peak levels of the hormone while providing users with benefits that bridge the gap caused by testosterone decline. 

These supplements were essentially designed to serve the same purpose, so how do we know which is the better choice? Below we review both products to decipher exactly that.

Distinct features

Prime Male

4.8 / 5

  • Increases vitality and libido
  • Naturally increases testosterone levels
  • Supports muscle growth, strength, and recovery


4 / 5

  • Enhances testosterone production
  • Speeds up fat loss and helps with muscle toning
  • Boosts physical performance

What is Prime Male?

Prime Male is a natural testosterone booster made by Roar Ambition, a multi-national, specialist supplement company known for its well-researched fitness and wellness aids. The supplement contains several natural testosterone-boosting agents that manipulate the body into increasing testosterone production to restore ideal testosterone levels.

The supplement is safe, effective, and best suited for those over 30 but can be used by any male over 18 presenting testosterone deficiency symptoms. The unique blend is an excellent alternative to anabolic drugs and permanently reverses symptoms of low testosterone. It is especially useful for men who are experiencing issues with sexual functionality. 

The supplement restores lost libidos and gives men more control over premature ejaculation. The Prime Male blend also supports fat loss, higher energy levels, and increased strength. The formula also gives the body a continuous supply of vitamins/minerals that improve moods and cognitive function. In addition, it enhances joint and muscular strength, development, recovery, and functionality.


  • Enhances testosterone production

  • Natural formula that can be used long or short term

  • Provides nutritional benefits and positively affects moods

  • Promotes fat loss, supports better muscle development and definition

  • Reverse symptoms of low testosterone, especially those dealing with sexual functionality


  • Maximum effects can only be achieved with consistent use
  • Not a suitable option for vegans or vegetarians

What is TestoGen?

TestoGen is a natural testosterone booster made by Muscle Club Limited, a manufacturer that uses cutting-edge approaches and research to create supplements that support fitness goals. The supplement comes in two forms TestoGen capsules and Instant Testosterone Booster Drops. 

The drops allow the body to directly absorb the active ingredients into the bloodstream,  giving users rapid results on some fronts (energy, focus, strength, and power) on the go, while the capsules take some time to work. Each option is best suited to users' individual needs. However, most men use the products together to achieve the best results. 

Both products were formulated with natural ingredients that accelerate testosterone production to correct testosterone deficiency without negatively affecting the mind or body. These supplements sustain the presence of testosterone in the bloodstream by stopping the transformation of testosterone into estrogen.

The ingredients in the capsule and drop formula are present in clinically approved doses, increasing efficacy and lowering side effect rates. This allows users to achieve success without any setbacks. In addition to increasing testosterone levels, the supplements also stimulate protein production, fueling muscle growth, aiding muscle recovery, and improving muscle functionality. 

TestoGen also produces fat-burning effects, eliminating stubborn and excess fat for better muscle definition. The product also positively affects libidos, moods, strength, endurance, and energy, playing a critical role in restoring abilities lost to testosterone decline.


  • Improves moods, libidos, strength, and energy levels  

  • Promotes rapid muscle growth, recovery, and functionality

  • Made using natural ingredients that boost testosterone levels

  • Enhances metabolism rates which support fat loss and muscle toning


  • Consistent use is required for the best results 

  • Doses cannot be changed or split 

Shared ingredients

Prime Male and TestoGen were made by different companies. However, there are some common components that can be found in both formulas. Let's look at some of the ingredients they share:


Prime Male


D-aspartic acid (D-AA)

1,600 mg





Panax ginseng









Nettle Root Extract



Black Pepper



Vitamin D3



Vitamin B6



Although these common ingredients are in both formulas, the potency of their effects differs because of the doses they are present in. Prime Male contains higher amounts of Zinc, Nettle Root, and Panax Ginseng, which positively affect testosterone production and maintenance. 

TestoGen, on the other hand, contains more D-AA, Boron, and Magnesium, a trio that keeps estrogen levels at bay and supports testosterone production. This increases the amount of free testosterone in the bloodstream, contributing to the alleviation of testosterone decline. 

Since both supplements both have high volumes of ingredients that improve and sustain testosterone levels, we conclude that their overall potency is the same. 

Prime Male Unique Ingredients


Luteolin helps to counter the natural age-related decline of testosterone. It also blocks the conversion of testosterone to estrogen, allowing testosterone to remain in the body for longer. These two effects boost testosterone levels and combat the deficiency of the hormone. Low estrogen levels also ensure that sexual functionality remains normal and muscle-building effects of Prime Male are maximized.


Ashwagandha supplementation significantly increases testosterone levels, improves sperm quality and sexual functionality. This eliminates testosterone deficiency and its associated symptoms.

Vitamin K2 functions as a natural testosterone booster when it is paired with vitamin D3. 

It protects cellular pathways in the testes, which helps it produce higher volumes of free testosterone and increase total testosterone.

TestoGen Unique Ingredients List


Fenugreek Extract 

Evidence shows that Fenugreek significantly affects total serum testosterone as it can increase testosterone levels without disrupting body processes. It also increases metabolism rates, supporting fat-burning and weight loss, supporting muscle toning. It also helps with shredding initiatives and helps muscles look more toned and defined.

Vitamin K1 

K1 helps improve bone development and testosterone secretion from Leydig cells. The vitamin improves overall hormone functioning and ensures all hormone processing is carried out smoothly.


Epimedium Sagittantum (horny goat weed)

Horny Goat Weed is a well-known erectile aid and aphrodisiac used in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Its effect on sexual functionality and desire increases testosterone. It also works as a cognitive booster, blood flow, and heart health agent.

Pfaffia Paniculata (Brazilian Ginseng)

Studies show that supplementation of this ingredient activates and boosts testosterone levels safely and effectively.

Moringa Oleifera

Evidence shows that Moringa Oleifera supports better physical performance, muscle functionality, and recovery.

This ingredient improves physical performance by promoting protein synthesis and tissue repair. L-arginine also increases muscular strength and endurance and improve 

Side effects

Due to their organic composition, Prime Male and TestoGen are considered natural or herbal supplements. The lack of synthetic components, fillers, and other harmful agents in their formulas means that these supplements have an excellent safety profile.

However, side effects are still possible when using these Prime Male or TestoGen. The side effects typically present themselves at the beginning of treatment plans and disappear shortly after the body becomes familiar with the effects produced by these products.

We list some of the common side effects of Prime Male and TestoGen (capsules and drops) below:

  • Diarrhea
  • Headaches
  • Upset stomach
  • Sleep deprivation
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Mood fluctuations


Whether you are taking pharmaceutical medicines or herbal supplements like Prime Male and TestoGen, dosage plays an influential role in achieving desired results. Dosage adherence helps us extract the beneficial effects from the supplements without experiencing adverse effects that can negatively affect our health or the condition being treated. 

Let's take a look at the recommended dosage guidelines that come with Prime Male and TestoGen:

Prime Male:

  • One capsule must be taken with a meal or snack 4 times a day.

TestoGen Capsules:

  • Four capsules must be taken once a day (every morning) on an empty stomach or at least 20 minutes before breakfast.

TestoGen Drops

  • Use Testogen Booster Drops 1-3 times per day or as needed

All doses must be consumed daily with a full glass of water, except the drops. Other beverages with administration should be avoided as this can cause adverse effects that may affect how the supplement is absorbed.

Prices and offers

Prime Male

  • 1 bottle: $75.00
  • 2 bottles: $150.00
  • 3 bottles: $225.00 + 1 bottle free
  • All orders come with free USA and UK Shipping and a 100-day money-back.
  • All multiple-unit orders come with an easy-to-follow video program, detailed nutrition E-Books, and 4 Month body transformation.

TestoGen Capsules

  • 1 bottle: $59.99 + 3 free gifts
  • 2 bottles:$119.99+ 1 bottle free + 3 free gifts
  • 3 bottles: $179.99+ 2 bottles free + 3 free gifts
  • Each order comes with free shipping
  • Every TestoGen orders come with a 100-day money-back guarantee

TestoGen Capsules + Drops

  • 1 bottle capsules+ 1 bottle drops: $89.99 + 3 free Gifts
  • 2 bottle capsules+ 2 botle drops: $189.97+ 1 bottle capsule and 1 bottle drops free + 3 free gifts
  • 3 bottle capsules + 3 bottle drops: $179.99+ 2 bottle capsules and 2 bottle drops FREE +3 free gifts


After going through the properties of Prime Male and TestoGen, we found that both products are almost in sync with each other, with almost everything from potency to efficacy, safety, and side effects making it hard to choose which is the better option. However, we found that the supplements are aimed at different user groups. This can be the deciding factor when choosing which is best for you. 

Taking a deeper look at their manufacturer claims, we found that Prime Male was designed to suit older or sensitive males looking to restore testosterone and libido levels, while TestoGen capsules and drops are aimed at younger, middle-aged men looking for a testosterone boost and complete muscle support, clearly showing us that the best option actually depends on users individual needs.

Editor's Pick: Prime Male

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