As the years go by, your body’s testosterone levels decline. Falling testosterone comes with a steady decline in quality of life. You can claw back from testosterone loss by adopting healthy lifestyle habits of proper diet, vigorous exercise, and sufficient rest. But these take time, and you can run out of motivation if you don’t see the results quickly. 

Supplements like Prime Male and TestoFuel can accelerate the impact of a positive lifestyle and lift your testosterone levels more quickly. Still, there are quite a few differences between the two, and we’re here to figure out what they are.

Distinct features

Prime Male

4.8 / 5

  • Blocks four key testosterone-suppressing hormones.
  • Mitigates negative effects of falling testosterone.
  • Supports muscle strength, and recovery


4 / 5

  • Stimulates protein synthesis.
  • May help regulate blood glucose and insulin.
  • Gets rid of stubborn tummy fat.

What is Prime Male?

Prime Male Vitality Complex (better known as simply Prime Male) is a testosterone supplement made from extensively used and clinically tested natural ingredients. It is formulated to improve the levels of free testosterone in middle-aged and older men struggling with dipping testosterone. Prime Male’s primary method of action is mitigating the effects of estrogen and SHBG. 

The resulting lift in free testosterone levels fires up libido, mental/physical energy, and overall vitality. Prime Male also improves muscle bulk, physical strength, bone health, mental clarity, and self-confidence. It stimulates belly fat loss and fights off fatigue. Prime Male can help mitigate the negative effects of falling testosterone, including irregular blood sugar, unsafe blood pressure, heart disease, depression, and mood swings.

Prime Male is a product of Roar Ambition. Other products from the company’s stable include Hunter Burn and Instant Knockout Cut. Prime Male is one of the more extensively endorsed testosterone supplements. It counts in its corner multiple prominent personalities, including action movie veteran Dolph Lundgren and Football Hall of Famer Andre Reed.


  • Improves muscle bulk, physical strength, and bone health;
  • Fights off fatigue as well as fires up libido, mental/physical energy, and vitality;
  • Mental clarity and self-confidence;
  • Stimulates fat loss;
  • Produced in an FDA-accepted, GMP-certified facility.


  • Four Prime Male pills daily spaced out throughout the day increase the risk of ‘pill fatigue’ and the likelihood of forgetting a dose.

What is TestoFuel?

TestoFuel is a testosterone booster made from clinically tested and widely used natural ingredients. It can be used by men and women of all ages but is best suited for older men looking to reclaim the energy and strength of their younger years. 

TestoFuel stimulates protein synthesis and drives muscle growth. It accelerates fat loss (including stubborn tummy fat), post-workout recovery, mood, motivation, and self-confidence. TestoFuel regulates blood glucose and insulin, two compounds that are central to rapid weight loss.

TestoFuel is also a product of Roar Ambition. As we mentioned, other products from the company’s stable include Prime Male, Hunter Test, and Hourglass Fit. TestoFuel has the endorsement of Robby Robinson, the bodybuilding legend.


  • Drives muscle growth.
  • Accelerates fat loss.
  • Speeds up post-workout recovery.
  • Improves mood, motivation, and self-confidence.
  • Made in GMP-certified facilities in the US and UK.


  • Four TestoFuel pills daily spaced out throughout the day increase the risk of ‘pill fatigue’ and the likelihood of forgetting a dose.

Shared ingredients


Prime Male


D-aspartic acid (D-AA)

1,600 mg

2,000 mg

Panax ginseng root extract

120 mg

8 mg


5 mg

200 mg


100 mg

70 mg


30 mg

10 mg

Vitamin D3

100 mg

100 mg

Vitamin K2

45 mg

18 mg

Prime Male has 20% more Panax ginseng per daily serving, 42% more magnesium, 200% more zinc and 150% more vitamin K2. Panax ginseng enhances free testosterone, fires up your sexual drive, and regularizes dopamine levels. Magnesium does not just increase testosterone but supports muscle contraction and relaxation. Zinc boosts sexual health, immunity, protein synthesis, muscle mass, and post-workout recovery. Vitamin K2 increases the bioavailability of the supplement’s vitamin D3 ingredient.

TestoFuel has 25% more D-AA per daily serving and 60% more boron. D-AA is considered by some as the ‘super ingredient’ of testosterone supplements. A proven natural testosterone booster, it accelerates muscle growth and fat loss. Boron increases free testosterone by blocking the production of the testosterone-inhibiting hormones prolactin, estrogen, and SHBG.

The two products have identical amounts of vitamin D3. Vitamin D3 strengthens bones.

Prime Male unique ingredients

Stinging nettle leaf extract

Blocks SHBG from binding onto free testosterone, which would lower overall levels of free testosterone.


A herb with a centuries-long history of use in ayurvedic medicine, it enhances testosterone and fertility by leveraging its antioxidant and adaptogenic characteristics.


A compound naturally occurring in a wide range of vegetables and fruits, it curtails estrogen production, preventing a fall in free testosterone levels.

Vitamin B6

Improves testosterone levels, mental/physical energy levels, and mood. 

Black pepper

Enhances the bioavailability of supplement ingredients by as much as 30%.

TestoFuel unique ingredients


A medicinal herb that stimulates testosterone production, physical strength, metabolism, fat loss, sexual health, physical/mental energy levels, and mood.

Maca Root

Improves stamina and workout endurance, fires up libido, elevates mood, induces relaxation, and supports sleep quality.

Oyster Extract

Used as an aphrodisiac for centuries, oysters contain high quantities of zinc. It increases testosterone production and improves sexual health.

Side effects

Prime Male and TestoFuel are formulated from clinically proven, natural ingredients. Neither product has a known side effect. As with all testosterone supplements, it’s advisable that you have a word with your doctor before you start to use them. This is particularly important if you have been diagnosed with heart conditions, prostate illness, kidney conditions, diabetes, and other long-term diseases. Do not use Prime Male or TestoFuel without your doctor’s approval if you are on medication or under 18. Stop using either supplement immediately if you experience any adverse reaction.


Prime Male and TestoFuel both contain 120 pills in a bottle that lasts 30 days. That’s four pills per day. You do not take the four pills at one go, though. They are spread evenly throughout the day and should be accompanied by a meal or snack.

Prices and offers

Prime Male


$75 per bottle

(120 capsules lasting 30 days).

$65 per bottle

(120 capsules lasting 30 days).

Discounts on orders of three or more bottles. Free shipping to the US and UK for all orders.

Discounts on orders of three or more bottles. Free shipping to the US and UK for all orders. 

Free shipping worldwide on orders of three or more bottles.

Free shipping worldwide on orders of three or more bottles.

No money-back guarantee. Refunds on undamaged, unopened bottles returned within 30 days (US-bound orders) and 14 days (rest of the world).

No money-back guarantee. Refunds on undamaged, unopened bottles returned within 30 days (US-bound orders) and 14 days (rest of the world).

Prime Male costs significantly more per bottle. The two products are matched in every other respect – bulk order discounts, refunds for unopened bottles, and the absence of money-back guarantees.


Prime Male and TestoFuel are manufactured by the same company – Roar Ambition. Naturally, they share a number of attributes, but they have some important differences as well. While both score fairly high as testosterone boosters, Prime Male does have an edge. 

Prime Male’s primary focus is blocking two key testosterone-suppressing hormones – estrogen and sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG). Also, of the two products’ seven shared ingredients, Prime Male has larger quantities in four, while TestoFuel leads in just two. 

Prime Male also has a broader ingredient mix and has the crucial bioavailability enhancer black pepper.

Editor's Pick: Prime Male

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