Rapid muscle development is one of the most sought-after benefits bodybuilders look for when choosing fitness supplements, but it's not the only thing that they aim to get. Things like increased strength, energy, libido, and reduced body fat can also play quite an influential part in why men choose particular supplements over other options. TestoGen, a flagship product of Muscle Club Ltd, is a testosterone booster that helps users achieve all of the benefits listed above through testosterone elevation.

In this review, we expand on the different properties of TestoGen while looking at its benefits, ingredient list, side effects, and more.

What kind of product is TestoGen? 

TestoGen is a nutritional supplement that was created using a blend of ingredients derived from natural sources.

These carefully selected, FDA-approved ingredients are combined to give a well-balanced, effective, and safe supplement in recommended doses. 

The goal is to increase the possibility of users achieving positive exercise outcomes without experiencing any setbacks (e.g., strained muscles). 

 The supplement is completely free of artificial components like binders and fillers, guaranteeing widespread user compatibility. Unlike traditional testosterone-boosting solutions that are quite invasive and can cause issues for users, TestoGen comes in oral capsule form, making it safe for consumption. 

What is TestoGen intended for?

TestoGen was specifically designed to accelerate testosterone production and help users achieve ideal hormone levels in the bloodstream. The formula also intends to reverse the symptoms of low testosterone and fill in nutritional gaps that users might have. Although the product's target market primarily consists of those suffering from testosterone decline, its holistic effect on men's health and muscle development has extended its user base, bringing it to a more mainstream market. 

TestoGen is intended for users who are experiencing:

  • Slow muscle development and reduced strength;
  • Unexplained fatigue and diminishing energy levels;
  • Stubborn fat that is preventing muscle visibility, especially in the abdomen;
  • Those who have low libidos or sexual desire with no other symptoms signaling underlying health issues.

Most users who experience the above are middle-aged or 30+; younger men rarely experience such issues. However, if it does occur, TestoGen is fully capable of rectifying these issues and, along with proper exercise, balancing testosterone levels.

What health benefits can TestoGen provide? 

The rich blend of 11 ingredients in the TestoGen formula affects several processes, improving the overall functionality of the body and mind. The widespread benefits are the result of the product's primary effect—testosterone elevation. The rise of testosterone levels also provides users with these additional  benefits:

Improved muscle building and strength

Testosterone plays a prominent role in muscle growth and functionality. It promotes the secretion of HGH (human growth hormone), which speeds up muscle development and growth after exercise. Increased testosterone and HGH levels help users improve the muscle-building effects of weightlifting—rapid muscle development.

A boost in energy and stamina

Testogen contains ingredients that naturally enhance stamina and energy levels. It also positively influences ATP (the body's most abundant energy-carrying molecule). This is a highly sought-after effect with busy people that can’t find the energy to keep up with their training program on top of everything else.

Easier to burn fat

Estrogen and testosterone are two hormones that significantly impact fat metabolization. Estrogen controls fat accumulation, especially around the belly and legs. High estrogen levels can lead to weight gain and stubborn fat development. By balancing estrogen and testosterone levels, Testogen makes it easier for the body to eliminate existing fat while blocking the accumulation of stubborn fat. The increased muscle mass gained from using the product also increases basal metabolic rates, supporting further fat loss.

Better sex drive

Testosterone is sometimes referred to as the sex hormone due to its influential role in sexual capabilities. TestoGen restores testosterone levels to their peak, which supports a better libido, sexual performance, and reproductive functions.

What ingredients does TestoGen contain?

  • D-Aspartic Acid  - D-Aspartic acid helps the body retain protein, resulting in better muscle definition and functionality. It also helps keep increase testosterone levels and keep them at their peak
  • Fenugreek Extract  - This extract boosts metabolism rates, which supports fat-burning and weight loss. It also helps with shredding initiatives and helps muscles look more toned and defined.
  • Korean Red Ginseng Extract  - This ingredient helps improve libidos by increasing testosterone levels
  • Nettle Leaf Extract - Nettle leaf supports both muscle and joint recovery. It reduces inflammation of the muscles, preventing muscle rupture, and fatigue during exercise. The extract also helps stabilize sugar levels and improves libidos.
  • Zinc  - Zinc aids the product's testosterone-boosting abilities and promotes better libidos and sperm production. It also positively affects folic acid availability, which helps maintain the testosterone influx in cells
  • Boron  - Boron promotes muscle growth and improves the metabolism of free testosterone in the body while reducing inflammation
  • Magnesium - Magnesium regulates blood sugar and pressure levels.
  • Bioperine - This agent supports the absorption of other ingredients in the TestoGen formula. It also helps decrease muscle inflammation and boosts brain function.


  • Vitamin D3  - D3 supports bone health and strengthens the immune system against testosterone-reducing agents—boosting testosterone production. It also improves body composition by improving muscle growth.
  • Vitamin B6 - B6 helps with muscle recovery and rapidly converts food particles into pure energy, which helps increase physical activity. This helps users achieve fat loss and muscle building.
  • Vitamin K1 - K1 helps with bone development and testosterone secretion from Leydig cells. The vitamin ensures that all hormonal functions and processes are carried out smoothly.

What are the best practices for using TestoGen? 

Best practices are golden rules that show us how to maximize the use of supplements and treatments.

Although most patients think that all testosterone boosters follow the same rule of thumb when it comes to tips and tricks, they don't.

So let's look at the best practices that must be followed when using TestoGen:

Stick to the schedule

The benefits of using TestoGen will not be seen immediately. Users are advised to stick to a schedule and follow dosage and usage instructions and the supplement plan set out. The message here is to be patient and keep taking TestoGen, even if differences are not immediately noticeable.

Don't change the rules

Like other supplements, TestoGen comes with a recommended daily dose. This dose should not be changed for any reason. Increasing the dose will not bring about results any faster; instead, it will induce side effects that will hinder health and fitness goals. 

Change your diet and activity routine

Whether your goal is to boost testosterone levels, build muscle, increase energy or regain your sexual prowess, diet and exercise can help. Implementing a more healthy diet and increasing physical activity (exercise durations and intensity) can help boost the supplement's effects and help you achieve your desired goals faster.

These golden rules must be paired with the basics, like increasing water intake, avoiding alcohol, and using the product in situations recommended by the manufacturer.

How long can I use TestoGen in continuity?

TestoGen is a completely natural supplement that is non-addictive. However, experts do not recommend taking the supplement continuously for a long stretch. TestoGen can be taken continuously for a maximum of 2 months. Users must then take a 10-day break from supplement use. TestoGen use can continue again after that. Users should take this interval so that the body does not decelerate the effectiveness of supplementation. The effectiveness of TestoGen improves upon resumption. This pattern can be repeated as many times as needed.

After how much time will I be able to see the effects of TestoGen? 

TestoGen is not a short-acting supplement, meaning its effects do not peak and fall quickly. The supplement's effects are not instant and continuous use is needed to experience notable effects. According to Muscle Club, users will start to see results within two weeks of regular supplementation. 

Most users first notice an improvement in their mood, stamina, and concentration. The effects that TestoGen has on muscle and strength take a little longer to become noticeable — usually around a month.

This is primarily because muscle development takes time. These users are encouraged to follow a regular workout routine with supplementation. Since the product works by boosting natural testosterone production, extended use is suggested in most cases for the best results. The product can be safely used in both long and short-term treatment plans, so users are free to choose the duration that best suits their goals.

Should I cycle TestoGen? 

Despite its name, TestoGen is not actual testosterone and does not contain the hormone. This is quite different from products that were previously used to boost testosterone levels. The ingredients in TestoGen are herbal and steroid free. Due to this natural composition, there is no need to cycle TestoGen use.

Contraindications and side-effects of using TestoGen 

Muscle Club claims that TestoGen use does not come with risks or side effects due to its natural composition, and we don't dispute that. TestoGen contains several different ingredients which are seamlessly blended, enhancing the effects of each other rather than competing for center stage. 

Yes, this means that the side effect rate is low, but it's not impossible. After sifting through thousands of reviews, we found that some users mentioned that TestoGen use did cause short-term side effects. These side effects are often very mild, sometimes even unnoticeable, and do not occur in every user. However, it is important to acknowledge the possibility. 

Below we list the common side effects:

  • Nausea
  • Upset tummy

These side effects typically occur due to the beneficial hormonal changes and shifts TestoGen causes. Once the body becomes familiar with the TestoGen's effects, the side effects subside. TestoGen also has minimal contraindications (situations or health conditions that prohibit use). According to experts, TestoGen should not be used by women and anybody diagnosed with prostate or breast cancer unless professional approval is gained.

Are the reviews for TestoGen any good? 

With widespread benefits and potent effects likened to steroid-based testosterone boosters, TestoGen, of course, has excellent reviews fueling its popularity. The product has an average 4-5 star rating which tells us that the supplement is indeed effective. After analyzing reviews, we found that most users give it the stamp of approval due to its innate ability to boost testosterone levels. This confirms TestoGen's claim of elevating testosterone levels by 42% in 12 days. 

Users commented that this boost was achieved earlier, solidifying the product's stance on the market. Some reviews touch on the supplement's ability to boost energy and libido levels, while others refer to its energy-boosting capabilities. Numerous reviews also focused on TestoGen's positive influence on muscle mass development, stating that the product improved muscle mass, density, and functionality.

What are the alternatives to TestoGen? 

Although TestoGen caters to a wide user demographic and has a high efficacy level and a low side effect rate, there are some instances where consumers would prefer using another product. Below we list safe and effective alternatives to TestoGen:

Prime Male

4.7 / 5

Key Features

  • Increases both free and total testosterone levels
  • Promotes better energy, strength, and libido
  • Supports fat burning and muscle development


4.6 / 5

Key Features

  • Supports cutting initiatives and fat loss
  • Boosts and maintains testosterone production
  • Promotes muscle development, strength, and recovery


4.4 / 5

Key Features

  • Promotes mass muscle development
  •  Naturally raises and maintains testosterone levels
  • Reverses symptoms of low testosterone symptoms

What's the price and where can I get it? 

Similar to other branded supplements, a bottle of TestoGen can be bought from their official website. The product can be accessed through other online shopping websites as well. However, we find that the official site provides users with the most value for money through their buying benefits. The official site runs promos, offers bulk buying discounts, and better shipping options, all of which favor reliability and your pocket.

 Below we look at the pricing breakdown: 

Best Testosteron Boosters 2023

*120 pills per bottle - 30 days worth of doses

  • $59.99 for 1 bottle + 3 FREE Gifts;
  • $119.99 for 2 bottles + 1 bottle FREE+3 FREE Gifts;
  • $179.99 for 3 bottles + 2 bottles FREE+3 FREE Gifts.

Each order comes with free shipping and a 100-day money-back guarantee, which allows consumers to try the product risk-free.

How good is this supplement? 

After dissecting the benefits, effects, and properties of TestoGen and weighing them up with possible risks, we found it to be an excellent choice for any man who wants to boost testosterone levels while supporting their fitness goals. The product caters to any male over 18 with a special focus on the middle age fitness buff, which is great. This demonstrates the flexibility and potency of the supplement's formula.

The product is supported by a beneficial set of ingredients which, as seen above, provide users with more than simply bigger muscles, better libidos, and an energy boost. It supplies users with a nutritional boost that is needed in any circumstance. TestoGen also has quite a far-reaching effect on strength, which we think is a unique feature, especially for those looking to lift heavy weights. In conclusion, the supplement is more than good and definitely worth the purchase.

TestoGen FAQ 

Is TestoGen FDA approved?

TestoGen, like most dietary and nutritional supplements, is not approved by the FDA as it isn’t required to be. However, the product was manufactured in FDA-approved facilities using approved manufacturing processes. All the ingredients in the formula are also approved for use for its specified functions

Is TestoGen safe?

TestoGen ticks all the safety boxes as its ingredients and formula are expert and science-backed. The product also has a strong consumer backing paired with GMP certification. So, you can purchase the product with complete confidence, knowing you are protected by the world's highest manufacturing and hygiene standards.

Does TestoGen increase testosterone?

Yes, the product increases the amount of testosterone in the bloodstream by accelerating the production of the hormone.

Does TestoGen come with a dosing plan?

Every TestoGen package comes with a recommended dosing schedule. It dictates that users consume four capsules with a glass of water at least 20 minutes before breakfast every day. The capsules must be taken on an empty stomach for maximum efficacy.

Can TestoGen be taken with other supplements?

TestoGen's effects are quite potent, so additional supplementation is not needed. However, users can add TestoGen Drops to their existing supplement plan to support the effects of the product to reach goals faster—consult a nutritionist if your supplementation is on the complicated side of things.

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