Are you starting to notice low energy, reduced muscle mass, and a declined libido due to dwindling testosterone levels? Testosterone boosters — like Testofuel and Hunter Test — claim to counteract these issues both quickly and safely. 

But this raises the question, which of these supplements is the right option for you? 

Let’s compare and contrast their composition and benefits to find out.

Distinct features

The key defining features of Testofuel and Hunter Test testosterone boosters are:


4.8 / 5

  • Claims to restore T levels quickly with zero side effects;
  • Offers accelerated muscle growth;
  • Improves energy levels with reduced muscle recovery time.

Hunter Test

4 / 5

  • Reverses the symptoms of testosterone deficiency;
  • Increases energy levels and endurance;
  • Boosts vitality and libido.

What is Testofuel?

Testofuel positions itself as a safe but just as effective alternative to muscle-building steroids. The primary goal of this supplement is to bring your testosterone levels back to normal, but that is far from the only benefit it offers.

Proposed Benefits

Testofuel promises the following benefits to its users:

  • Faster muscle growth in less time;
  • Boosted strength and stamina to enable longer workout sessions;
  • Accelerated reduction of excess body fat;
  • Improved mood and self-esteem.

Though it is important to note that most of these can be attributed as an after-effect of normal testosterone levels (between 300 to 1,000 ng/dL).


The three main ingredients that Testofuel credits for its functionality are D-Aspartic acid, Vitamin D, and Oyster extract. According to its official website, D-aspartic acid is its primary testosterone-boosting component, while Vitamin D is essential for boosting strength and stamina. Lastly, Oyster extract is a great source of Zinc. So its intake can counteract Zinc deficiency, which is a known cause of major reproductive issues like erectile dysfunction and impotence.


  • Accelerates muscle growth and improves body strength;
  • Helps reduce excess fat content;
  • Improves the duration and intensity of your workout sessions;
  • Claims to raise testosterone levels quickly.


  • Not vegan or vegetarian friendly.

What is Hunter Test?

In their own words, “Hunter Test by Hunter Evolve is a premium supplement that will reverse testosterone decline and reignite your masculinity.” 

And this pretty much sums up the core benefits and overarching goal of this supplement.

How it works

Hunter Test utilizes the help of nine unique ingredients, which it divides into three groups of three. Each of these groups claims to provide different key benefits, such as:

  • The first group features D-Aspartic acid, Vitamin K2, and D3 that helps you build stronger muscles by boosting your testosterone levels;
  • Its second ingredient group includes Asian Ginseng, Ashwagandha extract, and Boron to increase your energy levels, reduce fatigue, and enhance the libido;
  • Hunter Test’s third and last ingredient group uses Zinc, Indole-3-Carbinol, and Magnesium to boost your vitality and body strength.

According to its official website, every ingredient in Hunter Test’s premium formula is also backed by scientific research and studies.


  • Claims to be made from premium ingredients;
  • Manufactured in cGMP-certified facilities in the US & UK;
  • Suitable for both men and women;
  • Reports zero side effects.


  • Requires you to take six capsules a day.

Shared Ingredients

Testofuel and Hunter Test have seven ingredients in common, including:

Studies show that regular D-Aaspartic acid intake can boost T production by 42% after just 12 days of use. This is because it can increase the secretion of luteinizing hormone, which is a crucial component of testosterone production.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D doesn’t provide direct testosterone benefits, but it can increase your body strength and athletic performance. Research also shows how Vitamin D intake can reduce fatigue and shorten muscle recovery time — allowing you to increase the intensity and duration of your workout sessions.

Ginseng extract

Ginseng is a traditional herb with aphrodisiac properties. It can enhance your libido/sex drive and reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction. Some researchers also suggest the use of Ginseng as a treatment for ED.


A 2010 study by Cinal et al. observed the effect of regular Magnesium supplementation on both sedentary (less physically active) and athletic participants. After the four-week-long test period, most subjects showed a noticeable increase in their testosterone levels. Though it is important to note that this increase was higher in athletes than in sedentary individuals.

Vitamin K2

Vitamin K2 can activate enzymes called Protein Kinase A, which can increase testosterone production. While this information is derived from an animal study on rats, researchers believe that Vitamin K2 could have similar effects on humans.

A 2009 study involving 37 participants with infertility showed the positive impact of Zinc supplementation on T levels and sperm count. It also suggested using Zinc as a potential treatment for infertility.


Boron supplementation decreases the concentration of sex hormone-binding globulin, a protein that binds to free testosterone and lowers its availability.

Testofuel unique ingredients

Testofuel contains three unique ingredients in its formula. These include:

  • Maca

    A 2009 study by Stone et al. observed the impact of Maca supplementation on athletes. After a 14-day-long test period, most participants reported an increase in their aerobic performance alongside enhanced libido and sex drive.

  • Fenugreek extract

    Fenugreek possesses similar testosterone-boosting properties as D-Aspartic acid. It contains a compound called Furostanolic Saponins which can increase T production by as much as 46% in 12 weeks.

  • Oyster extract

    Aromatase is an enzyme that converts free testosterone into estrogen. Oyster extract acts as an inhibitor for this enzyme and prevents it from lowering T concentration.

Hunter Test unique ingredients list 

Hunter Test only has two ingredients that are not present in Testofuel. These are:

  • Indole-3-Carbinol

    Indole-3-Carbinol provides a similar benefit to Oyster extract, where it blocks the Aromatase enzyme from converting testosterone into estrogen.

  • Ashwagandha extract

    Ashwagandha extract offers several different benefits, like reduced post-workout recovery time and stress elimination. But, its most notable contribution to Testofuel is its potential use as a treatment for infertility.

Side effects

Both Testofuel and Hunter Test deny having any recurring side effects. They claim that their composition is fully natural and doesn’t include any obviously problematic substances.

While this might or might not be true, you should still practice caution. 

Make sure these T-boosting supplements don’t contain anything you’re allergic to by reading their complete list of ingredients. Also, consult a doctor if you’re pregnant or have a major illness.

Prices and offers

Here’s how much it would cost to purchase these testosterone boosters:



Price (USD)


1-month option


120 capsules

2-month plan


Free UK and US delivery

The bulk package


You can buy the bulk package for three months’ worth of capsules.

Hunter Test


Price (USD)


1-month option


180 capsules

2-month plan


2-month supply

3-month bundle


3-month bundle with one extra bottle for free.


From what we’ve seen, both Testofuel and Hunter Test present a strong case of why they’re worth your attention. But, the choice between the two comes down to what you want. 

Testofuel promises to help you build strong muscles with regulated T levels, increased energy, and reduced fatigue. So, if you’re interested in toning or bulking, Testofuel might be a worthwhile consideration.

On the other hand, Hunter Test adopts the label of a premium testosterone booster. Its proposed benefits range from higher testosterone and energy levels to increased muscle strength and libido. But this premium status also comes at a higher price, so you’d have to factor your budget into this decision as well.

Editor's Pick: Testofuel

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