Everybody aspires to have a fit and toned body, but it can be tricky for some people to lose weight. Major reasons like hormonal issues, digestive problems, medications, hereditary qualities, etc., play a big part in this. 

That’s why many people look to weight loss medications to enhance their diet and speed up weight loss.

What kind of product is Phentermine?

Phentermine is a drug used in combination with diet and exercise to boost weight loss. It is a short-term medication for obese people over the age of 16. The dosage is individualized based on the user’s body mass index and health.

It suppresses your appetite and makes you feel fuller for longer. However, its effectiveness directly depends on three other factors, namely: exercise, caloric restriction, and behavioral modification.

The USA approved phentermine first in 1959; by 2019, it was the 158th most-prescribed medicine in the country, with over 3 million prescriptions. Doctors do not recommend phentermine to people with health conditions like hypertension, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, glaucoma, et cetera.

It’s best to start with the lowest effective dose to prevent aggravated side effects like dry mouth, agitation, shivering, and prickling sensation in hands or feet.

Why do people seek alternatives?

Phentermine may be effective, but it is not without its fair share of side effects. It interferes with different bodily systems, including:

  1. 1
    Cardiovascular System: It can cause regurgitant cardiac valvular disease, tachycardia, palpitations, ischemic events, and high blood pressure;
  2. 2
    Central Nervous System: It can cause euphoria, psychosis, headaches, and overstimulation;
  3. 3
    Gastrointestinal System: It may also cause diarrhea, ischemic colitis, dryness around the mouth, constipation, and unpleasant taste.

Apart from its general side effects, it is also unsafe for pregnant and lactating women. In rare conditions, phentermine may even cause urticaria, a type of skin rash.

As it is an amphetamine or a mood-altering drug, its side effects last even after you stop taking it. Discontinuing use may cause social dysfunction, anxiety, and an inability to experience pleasure. 

Considering such grave side effects, people are now turning to safer and low-risk alternatives.

Over-the-counter vs. Prescription drugs

Prescription drugs are only available at pharmacies to people with a prescription from a relevant doctor. On the other hand, Over-the-counter medicines do not require a prescription and can be bought off-the-shelf in stores. Some drugs can be both prescription and OTC. 

In the US, FDA regulates prescription drugs through the NDA (new drug application) process. For non-prescription drugs, however, the standard is the OTC monograph booklet containing all of the approved ingredients’ names. FDA clears the drugs that conform to this book for sale without further evaluation.

What effects are we aiming for?

People should have access to weight loss medications without risking their health. Therefore, we created a list of the best phentermine alternatives with positive results and minimal side effects.

These products will help you lose weight quickly – one pill at a time, without having you go through the heavy side effects of Phentermine!

Top Six alternatives for Phentermine to Pick From



Best for The All-Rounder



Best for First Timers



Best for 24 Hours Fat Burner



Best for Women



Best for Belly Fat


Prime Shred

Best for Athletic Men

Ever since experts formally contended that the dangers of Phentermine exceed its outcomes, people have been looking left and right for healthier alternatives with little success. But don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. The list below provides objective and thoroughly researched alternatives for Phentermine.

None of these products are graded in an old-fashioned way. They’re all created by legitimate companies and well-trained professionals. That’s why each recommendation includes a focused review and testimonials from verified consumers as well.

1. PhenQ: The All-Rounder

PhenQ is a dietary supplement that combines the benefits of 5 products into one tiny capsule. The creator of this supplement, Wolfson Berg, has been leading this industry for a decade now, and it shows. Their supplement is clinically tried and tested extensively to eliminate any harmful effects and unintended results. 

PhenQ is created with safe, all-natural ingredients, and it increases your calorie utilization rate by boosting metabolism and thermogenesis. That’s why you must take the right dosage at the right time and wait for the results to manifest. Just be patient. 

Pros & Cons


  • It is safe and legal;
  • It improves overall mood and well-being;
  • It is certified by GMP;
  • No prescription is required;
  • The FDA has approved it;
  • It suppresses appetite
  • It increases metabolic rate.


  • It contains trademarked ingredients, so there is no generic option;
  • Some ingredients may cause allergic reactions or irritation.


  • α-Lacys Reset (25 mg): Accelerates metabolism, reduces fatigue, and promotes muscle recovery;
  • Caffeine Anhydrous (142 mg): - Aids in fat oxidation and induces thermogenesis;
  • Piperine (3 mg): - Has anti-inflammatory properties that ease joint and muscle pain after working out;
  • Chromium Picolinate (80 mg): Helps control sugar levels and increases the body's metabolic rate.

Side Effects

Numerous people have hailed PhenQ as a safe and effective supplement. Still, while an overwhelming majority of these people did not face any noticeable side effects, a small number of people reported the following:

  • Restlessness

  • Nausea

  • Upset stomach

User Reviews

More than 190,000 consumers have praised PhenQ for its effectiveness and lack of side effects. Some of the detailed and verified reviews are:

The Verdict

PhenQ was designed to replicate all the advantages one would expect from Phentermine. However, it ended up being able to do so much more than Phentermine — which is a one-trick pony with numerous disadvantages. 

It is the single best overall fat-burning supplement for both men and women, with thousands of satisfied consumers.

2. PhenGold: Best for First Timers

PhenGold is a multi-action formula created in GMP-registered facilities. It can help you jumpstart your goals and hit your target weight in a small time frame. It works by increasing your metabolism and the level of fat-burning hormones or HSL, adiponectin, epinephrine, and norepinephrine.

Its clinically proven ingredients make it perfect for first-time users as it is formulated for optimal absorption. You won’t be able to find a more powerful and efficient OTC fat-burning supplement. One ingredient that makes PhenGold stand out is Rhodiola Rosea. Traditional uses of this herb are to cure fatigue, anxiety, and nausea.

Pros & Cons


  • A safe and legal alternative to phentermine;
  • Transparent formulation backed by scientific evaluation;
  • It supports digestion;
  • It does not contain any genetically engineered ingredients;
  • The FDA has approved it.


  • Not fit for people with caffeine or green tea allergies.


  • Green Tea (500 mg): Accelerates metabolism, reduces fatigue, and promotes muscle recovery;
  • Green Coffee (100 mg): Increases energy levels and metabolic rate;
  • L-Theanine (250 mg): - Lifts mood and improves focus;
  • L-Tyrosine (350 mg): Burns fat

It also contains vitamins B3, B6, and B12, which boost metabolism, reduce appetite and increase energy levels.

Side effects

PhenGold is a very safe supplement that has been rigorously tested. That said, some users have reported feeling shaky, dizzy, and having headaches after using it. It is recommended to avoid using other stimulants with PhenGold to prevent overstimulation.

User Reviews

If you’re still skeptical about using PhenGold. The following reviews may help settle your doubts:

The Verdict

PhenGold is a favorite among clinicians and dieticians. It even got a feature from an accomplished nutritionist on its website. PhenGold is also very transparent about the production and functions of its supplements. In fact, you can find its detailed comparisons with other supplements online.

3. Phen24: Best 24 Hours Fat Burner

Phen24 is another all-natural weight loss supplement. However, unlike the others, this supplement is formulated to provide 24-hour benefits. It includes different morning and night pills so your body can shed weight even while you sleep or rest.

Its day formula contains metabolism-boosting minerals like manganese, zinc, and copper. You’ll also find it interesting that the guarana extract can boost your metabolism by 3-11% in 12 hours.

Pros & Cons


  • Improves mental focus and well-being;
  • Reduces stress levels;
  • Is 100% vegan;
  • Increases fat-burning;
  • Cures insomnia and snoring;
  • Prevents food cravings at night time.


  • Some ingredients in the daytime supplement can be addictive;
  • You have to take three supplements daily.


  • Iodine (150 mcg): Promotes proper thyroid function;
  • Guarana extract (100mg): Reduces fatigue, prevents mood swings, and improves focus;
  • Manganese (2 mg): Regulates neural activity and improves focus;
  • Copper (1mg): Helps the body absorb iron, form collagen, and assists in energy production.

Side effects

Phen24 contains 150 mg of caffeine which may cause anxiety, tremors, or agitation for some people. 

User Reviews

Phen24’s official website is flooded with positive responses. Keep reading to find out what users have to say about this supplement. 

The Verdict

When it comes to the long-term effects of weight loss pills, Phen24 is pretty unique. It has a 24-hour application formula that will help you shed weight even as you work, rest, or sleep. Phen24 isn’t cheap, but it covers all aspects of weight loss while causing minimal side effects, so the increased cost is worth it.

4. Leanbean: Best for Women

Many women make the common mistake of not replacing fats or carbs with healthy fibers or protein. Unfortunately, this causes them to miss out on essential nutrients and end up feeling weak and lethargic.

To avoid a similar situation, we recommend using Leanbean. It contains a natural plant fiber called glucomannan, suppressing your appetite and making you feel fuller for longer.

Leanbean also contains a blend of safe thermogenics and minerals that will improve your metabolism. One such ingredient is Choline which promotes normal fat metabolism.

Pros & Cons


  • Specifically formulated for women;
  • Vegan-friendly and organic;
  • Completely safe and legal


  • Delayed results
  • It can interfere with other prescription medicines.


  • Glucomannan (1000 mg): Extracted from the konjac plant. It assists in weight loss;
  • Garcinia Cambogia Extract (33.33 mg):  Prevents weight gain by inhibiting fat deposition;
  • Green Coffee (16.67 mg): Promotes weight loss
  • Turmeric (16.67 mg):  Suppresses fat tissue growth.

Side effects

The glucomannan in Leanbean may cause:

  • Flatulence;

  • Bloating;

  • Diarrhea;
  • Laxative effect

User Reviews

Many reviews — complete, with before and after pictures — are available on Leanbean’s official page. You can read them here:

The Verdict

Women usually prefer diet over exercise when it comes to losing weight. Unfortunately, this choice makes their journey a bit harder. However, by introducing Leanbean into their diet, women may be able to reach their goals swiftly and stay energetic and productive throughout their weight loss journey.

Leanbean contains all the benefits of phentermine with little to no side effects. It also helps that it is pretty affordable. Leanbean is an excellent choice for women with limited food options and a hectic lifestyle.

5. Trimtone: Best For Belly Fat

Trimtone is another phentermine alternative created solely for women. It is a 24-hour fat burner that diminishes stored fat through thermogenesis. It also contains glucomannan to prevent you from feeling hungry.

Trimtone works as an energizer and mood lifter. So users will feel more pumped and enthusiastic throughout their weight loss journey. It’s also reassuring to know that you’re entitled to a 100% refund if the product doesn’t work out for you.

Pros & Cons


  • You only have to take one pill a day;
  • It supports digestion;
  • Enhances workout performance;
  • More affordable than other options.


  • Not suitable for vegans or vegetarians;
  • Not suitable for pregnant and lactating women;
  • Contains high caffeine content.


Side effects

Trimtone is generally very safe. But, some users have reported experiencing jitters, headaches, anxiety, and insomnia after taking it.

User Reviews

Women everywhere have something good to say about Trimtone. Let’s look at their honest reviews across different platforms:

The Verdict

Women who want to lose weight find Trimtone super helpful. It is completely made from natural ingredients and has also been tested against possible side effects. All in all, everything we’ve found until now has affirmed its effectiveness and safety — making it a good option as a weight loss supplement.

6. Prime Shred: Best for Athletic Men

Like Leanbean and Trimtone, Prime Shred is also gender-specific. But, unlike the former two, this one is created solely for active men.

Prime Shred will provide you with a boost in energy while also stimulating fat-burning. In addition, it contains a vitamin B complex that improves performance by reducing post-workout stress.

Prime Shred also contains a cognitive enhancer called DMAE. This ingredient improves focus by strengthening your mind-muscle connection. 

Pros & Cons


  • It helps build muscle mass;
  • Suppresses hunger and cravings;
  • Provides a great measure of energy;
  • Relieves joint and muscle pain.


  • Delayed results.


  • Green Tea Extracts (500 mg): Induces thermogenesis in the body and smothers cravings;
  • Rhodiola Rosea Root (250mg): Promotes the release of fat-burning hormones;
  • L-Theanine (250mg):  Boosts energy and prevents agitation or jittering;
  • Caffeine Anhydrous (225mg):   Provides the necessary energy for athletic performance;
  • Bioperine (5mg):  Piperine extract that furthers the body’s bioavailability of dynamic fixings.

Side effects

Some reported Prime Shred side effects could include:

  • Nausea;

  • Diarrhea;

  • Indigestion;

  • Sleeplessness;
  • Bloatedness.

The Verdict

Prime Shred is one of the best over-the-counter alternatives for phentermine. It has a multi-faceted approach toward weight loss.

It is an excellent choice for active men as it burns through stubborn fat and aids you in working out for longer. For the best results, take Prime Shred with your pre-workout meal.

What ingredients are commonly found in Phentermine alternatives?

Some of the most common ingredients in phentermine alternatives are glucomannan, green tea extract, caffeine, and caffeine anhydrous. Glucomannan acts as ‘empty calories’ and makes you feel fuller.

The rest of the ingredients perform a variety of functions and work together to create the ideal fat-burning environment in your body. This is done by increasing the body’s core temperature, inducing thermogenesis, and releasing particular hormones and enzymes.

Our Top Choice

When it comes to weight loss medications, you won’t find a ‘one size fits all product. Every person has a unique hormonal cycle, body chemistry, eating, and activity habits. So, where a product might work for one body type, it may fall flat for the other. 

Then how is PhenQ the best?

PhenQ provides a sustainable way to lose weight. This supplement adjusts your metabolism, so you don’t gain weight even after you stop taking it. In addition, because it isn’t super expensive, unlike other supplements, you can save a lot of money by buying it in bulk. 

Phentermine suppresses appetite by decreasing the levels of norepinephrine in your body. This works, but there’s a catch. According to numerous studies and personal testimonials, low levels of norepinephrine interfere with our fight-or-flight function, resulting in agitation, irritability, and jitteriness. 

On the other hand, PhenQ contains glucomannan which swells in your stomach and provides the same benefit without causing jitteriness or mood swings.

Finally, its trademarked ingredient, α-Lacys Reset, contains alpha-lipoic acid, or ALA, a naturally occurring antioxidant that provides energy by breaking down carbohydrates in the body. PhenQ maximizes ALA’s power by coupling it with Thermogenics like capsimax powder and caffeine.

It is formulated to provide the best possible results with minimum side effects.

Editor's Pick: PhenQ


PhenGold contains 11 clinically proven weight loss ingredients. It is a powerful weight loss supplement that will help you lose weight quickly. It is also one of the most affordable fat-burning supplements available on the market as of now. So, if you’re looking for a safe, effective, and affordable phentermine alternative, PhenGold is a great option!

Phentermine Alternatives FAQs

Can I lose weight without using phentermine?

Absolutely! The alternative supplements mentioned above are a great way to lose weight without risking the harmful effects of phentermine. However, supplements are not magical potions. So the most sustainable way to lose weight (and keep it that way, too) is to switch to a more active and responsible lifestyle.

Do OTC Phentermine diet pills really work?

Yes, they do. Every over-the-counter Phentermine substitute uses an assortment of clinically-tested ingredients that are proven to help you lose weight in several ways. Millions of these pills have been bought by users around the globe and have garnered appreciation from professionals in the field as well.

Are OTC Phentermine diet pills safe?

Yes, all the OTC phentermine diet pills listed in this article are safe. We have only listed products verified or approved by GMP or the FDA. We have also mentioned the potential side effects of each pill due to improper dosage or other similar factors.

About the Author Tim Rockwell

Tim Rockwell is a highly skilled and knowledgeable fitness expert. With a background in exercise science and years of experience in the fitness industry, Tim is passionate about sharing his expertise with others through his writing. He currently contributes articles to Eurasc, where he shares practical tips and strategies for leading a healthy, active lifestyle.

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